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No doubt the trashy press, obviously not including your lovely Echo, will endeavour to try and dish the dirt, but at the moment she is the queen of pop, having seen off numerous former Spice Girls on her way.
As a child, Joan Vellutini was always hopping fences to dish the dirt with her elderly neighbors.
35pm A Las Vegas showman agrees to become an FBI informant and dish the dirt on a big-time mobster.
I've been offered a lot to dish the dirt on exes but I wouldn't.
TODAY we dish the dirt on Tyneside's filthiest restaurants.
She gives Boyd his old job back as the clinic's secretary but it soon becomes clear Charlotte is more interested in his ability to dish the dirt on her patients rather than his administration skills.
She's made enemies along the way - and now she's desperate to dish the dirt.
Programme makers want to hear from social climbers brave enough to dish the dirt on what really goes on in a county with more millionaires than anywhere else in the UK.
One in 10 men like to dish the dirt on other people, compared with 4 per cent of women, while more men than women are guilty of spreading rumours, according to the poll.
JORG ALBERTZ has turned down a megabucks offer to dish the dirt on Rangers boss Dick Advocaat.
Miss Kearney is urging Miss Seward to dish the dirt on Princess Diana: that she was the first to have an affair ( No
I REMEMBER being offered a lot of money to dish the dirt on Matt Busby shortly after leaving Manchester United.
They'll sip champagne at Althorp House, childhood home of Princess Diana; visit Highgrove, Prince Charles' home, plus castles and palaces; dine with earls and countesses; dish the dirt with the British nobility, a celebrity writer and Britain's most famous astrologer; and shop at boutiques frequented by royalty and movie stars.
6 I Slept With A Celebrity A new TV show currently being shopped around US networks where two civilian guests will dish the dirt about doing the deed with A B C D-listers.
It is expected that the 36-year-old, who also appeared in the American series 'Celebrity Rehab' will dish the dirt for the first time on claims that Woods cheated on his wife Elin Nordgren, 31.