disgusted with

*disgusted with

(someone or something); severely disappointed over someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; grow ~.) I am totally disgusted with Ellen. We are all disgusted with the fall in the company's profits.
See also: disgusted
References in classic literature ?
Therefore, do not let our princes accuse fortune for the loss of their principalities after so many years' possession, but rather their own sloth, because in quiet times they never thought there could be a change (it is a common defect in man not to make any provision in the calm against the tempest), and when afterwards the bad times came they thought of flight and not of defending themselves, and they hoped that the people, disgusted with the insolence of the conquerors, would recall them.
It's what I should have done at first," I answered, hugely disgusted with myself.
I was disgusted with him, and if I had had an opportunity should have been glad to tell him so, but I saw no object in seeking him out for the purpose.
demanded he of himself, disgusted with the attitude of the family.
I was totally disgusted with our performance,'' he said.
Tarzana resident Myra Ferrante is disgusted with a rat problem caused by a gated alley intended to rid the area of drug dealers.
Archibald rapped: "I'm disappointed with Gareth and disgusted with Alloa over the whole affair.
Although a freethinker, she joined the Women's Christian Temperance Union but gradually grew disgusted with the group because its membership used valuable work time for worthless prayer.
Short-term profits soared, but at the expense of a work force that became increasingly disgusted with its treatment.
According to Stockett, many of the Metalclad shareholders he has talked to are disgusted with present management over the fact that they recently only received $16 million cash in a settlement with the Mexican government.
She is a Goth and a vegan who idolizes Purge and is disgusted with Leo's interest in money and Republicans.
I am disgusted with the state of the precinct after lunchtimes.
Of Democrats so disgusted with Republicans that they've taken the virtually unprecedented step of filibustering judicial nominees.
I don't know what message you wanted to give - you felt pity for the Filipino or were disgusted with the scene.