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*disgusted at

someone or something; severely disappointed at someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; grow ~.) We were disgusted at her incessant lying. Sam was disgusted at her.
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*disgusted with

(someone or something); severely disappointed over someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; grow ~.) I am totally disgusted with Ellen. We are all disgusted with the fall in the company's profits.
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I am a long time reader of your magazine and I am outraged and disgusted at your choice in this article and its contents.
When one experiences disgusted nausea, then, one rejects otherness within the self--a performance that stands in for the attempt to repel a disavowed entity that threatens to be part of the self.
Jon Gaunt "There are no words to express how disgusted I am that any service person should be turned away just because they are in uniform.
Dempsey seems to be every neutral's player of the year after his goalscoring heroics and, while admirers of Eastwood must be dwindling - Dirty Harry is 81 years old, after all - a new generation of young footy fans has been gusted (that must be the opposite of disgusted, right?
As a normal person with a heart, I will never be disgusted.
Theoretically, an ingrained recognition of adults' disgusted expressions would keep youngsters from eating poisonous and potentially fatal items or putting them in their mouths.
To Jane P, let me say one thing, I am still disgusted from what that lady did, and what many other ladies like her done in secret, and as you criticize your self, you first say that you are fully disgusted from the case, then you ask a mercy for the woman who tend to kill her newborn baby, you lady, don't you know that the pregnant not suppose to go out alone in the last months or pregnancy?
We've told her we're repulsed, disgusted, and disappointed.
Disgust sensitivity refers to the degree to which an individual feels disgusted in response to a variety of stimuli.
And I have to say that I'm disgusted by the behaviour of TV3.
She is a Goth and a vegan who idolizes Purge and is disgusted with Leo's interest in money and Republicans.
Of Democrats so disgusted with Republicans that they've taken the virtually unprecedented step of filibustering judicial nominees.
One might be disgusted at dishonest political advertisement, for instance.
The 76-year-old veteran entertainer says he is disgusted by the fiery Scot's love of foul language.
He's a doctor--why is he so disgusted by naked bodies?