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disengage from (someone or something)

1. To withdraw from someone or something. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun can be used between "disengage" and "from." When she gets that negative, I just have to disengage from her since she's not going to listen to me anyway.
2. To remove or detach something from something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "disengage" and "from." We need to disengage these shelves from the wall so that we can paint over here.
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disengage (oneself) from someone or something

to detach oneself from someone or something; to untangle oneself from someone or something. I wanted to disengage myself from the person I was talking to and go home. We disengaged from the argument.
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disengage something from something

to detach something from something. Sally disengaged the locking mechanism from the cupboard door and peeked in. The coupling was disengaged from the boxcar, and the car separated and rolled away.
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Factors under investigation include stress wave propagation when the explosive is detonated and how the explosive fractures the nut; how the nut halves disengage from the stud and how details of the release affect the stud motion; and finally, how the nut halves rebound from the blast container and recontact the stud.
We should disengage from this chaotic situation our Government has helped to create and bring our boys home at the earliest opportunity.
Make sure you remember to disengage the transfer first
The integrated design allows the operator to safely disengage the Cultiva OnTrac system by simply gripping the wheel.
First, disengage the CTIS system by flipping the switch on the driver's panel.
The committee accused the pair of offering assurances ``so as to mislead and disengage the PAC.
The front wheels disengage when the Front Wheel Drive Selector lever is moved to the OUT position.
Workplaces that create environments that disengage employees could potentially harm worker wellbeing and reduce productivity.
As for MCA's efforts to disengage itself from the gangsta rap in Interscope's catalog, devising a charity arrangement is not proving easy.
It's unfortunate that they have chosen to disengage from discussions about how we will build the project in the county.
Workplaces that disengage employees have lower productivity and are less likely hiring and more likely laying off workers.
Fusion's industry-leading Intra-Ductal Exchange technology allows the wire guide to disengage from the device within the ductal system, permitting device withdrawal and exchange while allowing the operator to maintain complete control of the wire at all times.
When the truck is stopped, the computer records no motion and allows the operator to engage or disengage the front axle or to shift into high/low drive settings.