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disembark from (something)

To step off of something, typically a mode of transportation. After enduring so much turbulence, everyone was thrilled to disembark from the plane.
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disembark from something

to get off a ship, plane, or train. We disembark from the ship in Manaus. At what time do we expect to disembark from the plane?
See also: disembark
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Separately, Tsutomu Sato, state minister for Northern Territories affairs, said, ''Under the current circumstances, it was not inappropriate not to submit disembarkation cards.
Site visitors select the desired ship, port of embarkation, port of disembarkation, and suite category desired, and the cruise-only fare will be conveniently and quickly displayed.
The vessels will be equipped with an 8-metre working boat and semi-rigid boats as well as a crane allowing the embarkation and disembarkation of containers, and can also accommodate divers, transport weapons and ammunition, provide support to a submarine during stopover, and deploy an anti-pollution barrier.
IOM was present at the disembarkation point in Tripoli and provided the survivors with food and water.
The Law will see each Party providing the other Partys ships with the same treatment afforded to their own vessels, which are engaged in global voyages, especially regarding free access to ports, the use of ports for loading, the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, the payment of related fees and taxes and the use of navigational services.
The launch of this smart payment system will facilitate the bus boarding and disembarkation process for passengers.
In 2017 so far, 1,328 Pakistani nationals were interviewed; 71pc in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, while the remaining 29pc surveyed in Italy, either in locations close to disembarkation points in the South or in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the North-Eastern region at the border with Slovenia.
o Ensure that NGOs providing assistance to refugees and migrants have unhindered access to them at disembarkation points following returns by the Libyan coast guard;
The annual European Economic Contribution Report also lists Southampton as the number one embarkation and disembarkation port in Northern Europe.
When the flight was taken to an isolated area, officials asked to initiate the process of disembarkation but it didn't start.
Flight SQ001 landed safely at about noon Singapore time (0400 GMT), but disembarkation was delayed until around 1.
The plane has landed safely at noon, but disembarkation was delayed until around 1:30 p.
Tour groups for retired people can rise to nearly twenty to thirty and cause huge boarding and disembarkation problems.
The meeting concluded with a 10-point action plan which focuses, among others, on search and rescue, safe disembarkation, anti-trafficking, arrival reception and root causes, while stressing the need of collective efforts among related countries.