disease to please

the disease to please

A constant need to make others happy. I think you're miserable because you have the disease to please. Try doing what makes you happy instead.
See also: disease, please

(the) disease to please

an obsessive need to please people. I, like so many, am afflicted with the disease to please. I am just too nice for my own good.
See also: disease, please
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p How To Say No: Kick The Disease To Please by Corinne Sweet, is published by Help Yourself, priced pounds 6.
People numb the anxiety in different ways - alcohol, gambling, sex, whatever - I filled that need with food addictions and the disease to please.
And she does feel like she's gotten past the big one, that disease to please.
US CHAT show queen Oprah Winfrey called it the disease to please and latest research reveals it's hit epidemic proportions.
Here's some of what attendees will learn: - The Three Most Important Misbeliefs of Marriage - The Single Sentence That Can Revolutionize Your Relationship - How to Escape the Disease to Please - The Three Essential Ingredients of Lasting Love - The Immeasurable Value of Laughter - How to Protect Your Relationship Against Love's Unseen Enemy - Discover Your Unique Love Style - The Two Steps to Communicate With Instant Understanding - How to Reduce and Resolve Inevitable Conflict - Marriage Mentoring and the "Boomerang Effect"
Harriet Braiker's new book, The Disease to Please: Curing the People-Pleasing Syndrome offers easy to follow solutions to help lead readers make deal constructively with relationships and emotions; including a 21-day action plan for curing the disease to please.