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discuss (someone or something) with (one)

To speak to one about someone or something. I'm going to discuss this problem with Carole and try to come up with a solution. How could you make such a big decision without discussing it with me?
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discuss someone or something with someone

to talk about someone or something with someone. I need to discuss Mickey with you. We need to discuss compensation with the boss.
See also: discuss
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The goal here is to leave the American public with no publicly discussable option other than another amnesty--many times larger than the Reaganera amnesty of 1986--which will open the floodgates and encourage tens of million more to come here illegally and bankrupt our social services--while worthy would-be immigrants die waiting in line everywhere else in the world.
We are witnessing some little movements in the region, all of which are, of course, discussable from the viewpoint of defense," Commander of the IRGC Navy Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said on Wednesday, adding, "And all enemy movements are fully monitored by the IRGC warriors.
Nevertheless, as long as the participants have acknowledged that the Syrian people alone are the decision-makers in determining their future without foreign interference, then all issues are discussable at the national dialogue table.
By making our content discussable, accessible, and shareable," Bowen says, The Wall Street Journal can engage younger audiences.
Based on the discussable adjustment sampling technique, the population was enrolled in the light of resources and access to medical facilities.
in her guardedness: she had decided on her version of the past, and no other version was discussable.
In the interview, he shares his insight into what corporations must to do to make their culture visible, discussable, and actionable.
We can, as the former Antioch College rules of sexual conduct tried to do, make every sexual act discussable between two people in advance and a settled matter of consent before embarking on any touch.
Nevertheless, it was a statement of a policy and has the virtue of being discussable.
It is colored by the dogmas which the believer has at times entertained, but it is also quite true that there is a core of such experience which is entirely independent and which appears to be universally human and discussable under common terms among all races of people.
But the whole thing was going to be discussable anyway.
Our results could be interpreted as follows: hyperhomocys-teinemia might be the start of arterial wall thickness development, but its role in progression of atherosclerosis is still discussable.
As the late Israeli psychologist Dan Bar-On notes, "Untold stories often pass more powerfully from generation to generation than stories that are discussable.
To counter memory loss, performance artists increasingly treat performance art as theater, scripts to be restaged repeatedly, so as to be experienced as discussable art, rather than detached documents of historical actions.
The next morning many Belgian politicians condemned the show as a "bad joke" that might open a Pandora's Box by making discussable a topic that had long been somewhat taboo--the possible dissolution of the Belgian state because of the persistent conflict between the French-speaking Walloons and the Dutch-speaking Flemish.