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discriminate against (someone or something)

To impose limitations on a particular person or group for prejudicial reasons. I can't believe that shop owner is discriminating against us because of the color of our skin.
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discriminate between (someone or something)

To recognize the differences between people or things. I have a hard time discriminating between Jim and Greg, but they are identical twins after all. You can discriminate between hydrangea and phlox by looking at their leaves.
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discriminate against someone or something

to single out a type of person or thing for special negative treatment or denial of equal treatment; to act in a prejudicial manner against someone or something. This law discriminates against short people. You discriminate against people in wheelchairs.
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discriminate between

someone and someone else or something and something else to distinguish between people or between things. I find it hard these days to discriminate between my friends and my enemies. Can you discriminate between this shade of pink and that one?
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Hispanics, meanwhile, are among those most perceived as discriminated against in getting both white collar office jobs (39%) and skilled labor jobs (29%).
Auditory, visual, and tactual modalities significantly discriminated between the (a) high academic students from the Bruneian elite school and (b) high academic achievers and low academic achievers from the Bruneian regular secondary schools (see Table 8).
Segal notes that once the EEOC has been contacted by an applicant who feels discriminated against, the EEOC is responsible to examine evidence, make a determination of `no cause' or `reasonable cause' and either make recommendations, or help secure legal counsel.
I do believe that travellers have been discriminated against but it seems that the level of claims are out of control.
Up until now, employees claiming sexual discrimination have had to prove to tribunals that they have been discriminated against.
I was discouraged and felt that I was discriminated against by Abercrombie because I am Latino.
What I am hearing is that we're saying it's OK to discriminate against someone because someone else was discriminated against.
Photo (CONEJO only--color) Ryan Rose believes he was discriminated against when passed over as a Royal High commencement speaker.
The plaintiffs, on behalf of all African-American Xerox sales employees, state that they were discriminated against in numerous different aspects of their jobs, including being assigned to less profitable territories than their white counterparts, being assigned to territories based on their race, not being promoted to more lucrative territories even after proving themselves in undesirable territories, not receiving promotions ahead of white counterparts despite high performance, and being denied commissions they had rightfully earned.
If you're being harassed or discriminated against, it's very likely that you're not the first or the only woman that has been treated this way at your company.
Prime contractors are discriminated against by SMUD, and then are forced to discriminate against others when seeking subcontractors.
Three former employees of Azteca Restaurants Enterprises recently settled a lawsuit against the restaurant chain for discrimination based on race and national origin, claiming the company discriminated against non-Hispanic employees.
Ameritech's argument that it could discriminate against McLeodUSA so long as it discriminated equally against other competitors is preposterous.
The Determination found that Franklin Covey discriminated against Ms.
I don't know anyone who wants to be discriminated against the way the Boy Scouts of America discriminates against gays.