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disclose (something) to (one)

To inform someone about something. Class, you need to disclose all of your sources to me in your works cited. I didn't disclose any information to her, so I don't know how she found out all about it.
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disclose something to someone

to tell or reveal something to someone. Tony refused to disclose the location of the papers to me. Please disclose the names to me at once.
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To maintain the integrity of the counseling relationship, we suggest counselors do this before disclosing the information to the parents and then adhere to the standard of minimal disclosure by sharing only what is essential.
Also, disclosing a conflict of interest to the client, while helpful, doesn't solve the problem, even if the client signs the disclosure.
In this regard, it would be advisable--indeed likely necessary--to perform due diligence before disclosing information to a third-party provider to ensure the provider is capable of adequately protecting nonpublic information.
6011-4(b)(3)(iii)) from the tax adviser in order to avoid disclosing the transaction on the U.
If you are legally prohibited from disclosing non-public personal information, this should be stated (an example of such a prohibition is the Internal Revenue Code prohibition on disclosure of income tax return information);
Indeed, the act of disclosing either the fraudulent or delinquent return is an admission of all definitions of criminal elements except willfulness and thus constitutes a waiver of the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination.
Section 502 prohibits a financial institution from disclosing nonpublic personal information about a consumer to nonaffiliated third parties unless the institution satisfies various notice and opt-out requirements and the consumer has not elected to opt out of the disclosure.
Courts generally afford employers an absolute privilege from defamation liability for disclosing employment information within the scope of a release agreement because a job applicant ".
Yet, while the dust from the VCI has barely settled, taxpayers now have to turn their attention to the provisions under the legislation for disclosing certain transactions on their 2003 California returns.
A violation of this provision typically occurs when an advertisement claims that market-timing formulas can profitably dictate when and what securities to buy and sell without disclosing any limitations or difficulties.
109 for a number of years in respect of accounting for and disclosing tax liabilities and contingency reserves.