disclose to

disclose (something) to (one)

To inform someone about something. Class, you need to disclose all of your sources to me in your works cited. I didn't disclose any information to her, so I don't know how she found out all about it.
See also: disclose

disclose something to someone

to tell or reveal something to someone. Tony refused to disclose the location of the papers to me. Please disclose the names to me at once.
See also: disclose
References in classic literature ?
Must I go back to events which cast a shade upon the memory of your parent, or will you spare it, and disclose to me the truth?
Instead it should be construed broadly and remedially to cover instances where an adviser failed to disclose to the client all material facts, including an adviser's conflicts of interest with its client.
Of respondents, 17% did not disclose to their institution medical errors that prolonged the course of treatment or caused discomfort, and 12% did not disclose to the patient.
While these notices generally are required to disclose categories of nonaffiliated third parties to whom there is disclosure of non-public information, the GLBA does not require that a practitioner specifically disclose to a client that independent third-party providers are used in performing services to clients (i.
Under proposed revisions to Circular 230, tax advisers must disclose to their clients any referral agreements or financial interests in the promotion of tax shelters.
Informed consent is both a legal and ethical principle requiring school counselors to adequately disclose to clients potential risks, benefits, and alternatives to proposed counseling.
If you disclose to only a select few, someone might slip up and leak information unintentionally.
A QI must disclose to the Service, on a Form 1042-S, Foreign Person's U.
If the general partners refuse to disclose to the limited partners, then the CPA should disclose.
The law imposes upon real estate brokers an obligation to conduct a visual inspection of residential property offered for sale and to disclose to potential buyers all defects that might significantly affect the property's value.
GLBA does not, however, require that a practitioner specifically disclose to a client the fact that independent third-party providers are used in performing services for clients.
2) The regulation requires taxpayers to adopt a waiver of confidentiality, as follows: "the taxpayer (and each employee, representative, or other agent of the taxpayer) may disclose to any and all persons, without limitation of any kind, the tax treatment and tax structure of the transaction and all materials of any kind (including opinions or other tax analyses) that are provided to the taxpayer relating to such tax treatment and tax structure.
The FTB frequently refuses to disclose to a taxpayer a record or file that is requested under the CPRA.