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disclose something to someone

to tell or reveal something to someone. Tony refused to disclose the location of the papers to me. Please disclose the names to me at once.
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As to her name or whereabouts you are not at liberty to disclose them.
I should not disclose my place of refuge even to her, in order that she and my uncle might be able, with truth, to deny all knowledge concerning it; but any communications addressed to me under cover to my brother would be certain to reach me.
And this is the cause why many times men as well as women, and men of the greatest and best qualities other ways, yet have found themselves weak in this part, and have not been able to bear the weight of a secret joy or of a secret sorrow, but have been obliged to disclose it, even for the mere giving vent to themselves, and to unbend the mind oppressed with the load and weights which attended it.
As the publishing this account of my life is for the sake of the just moral of very part of it, and for instruction, caution, warning, and improvement to every reader, so this will not pass, I hope, for an unnecessary digression concerning some people being obliged to disclose the greatest secrets either of their own or other people's affairs.
Must I go back to events which cast a shade upon the memory of your parent, or will you spare it, and disclose to me the truth?
The other side discloses a broad doorway (closed by a canvas screen), which serves as a means of communication with an inner apartment, devoted to the superior officers.
This is a service test message for the PRN Disclose system
The fines follow an investigation by the DFSA, in which the DFSA found that Arun Panchariya and Satish Panchariya failed to disclose material information to the DFSA in their applications to the DFSA to become Authorised Individuals in February 2009.
It requires issuers to disclose promptly to the public in a synchronised fashion any information which may impact the price of listed securities.
After the person has gone through the basics of applying for a job and being evaluated, at that point you would then ask them to disclose any criminal records.
If CPAs anticipate that their external service provider will disclose confidential client information to persons or entities outside the U.
6694 imposes a $250 penalty on a return preparer for filing a return or refund claim that results in an understatement of liability due to a position for which the preparer knew, or should have known, that there was not a realistic possibility of being sustained on the merits, and did not disclose the position in accordance with Sec.
In particular, it describes how an adviser may commit fraud by failing to disclose adequately potential conflicts of interests with clients, as opposed to affirmative misrepresentations to clients.
Lawmakers included a provision demanding that every state have a criminal code that allows it to prosecute a person's failure to disclose an HIV diagnosis to someone who may be put at risk by it.
CHICAGO -- Four percent of primary care physicians and third-year medical students surveyed in a regional study reported that they made errors resulting in a patient's death but did not disclose them to their institution, reported Lauris C.