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disclose (something) to (one)

To inform someone about something. Class, you need to disclose all of your sources to me in your works cited. I didn't disclose any information to her, so I don't know how she found out all about it.
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disclose something to someone

to tell or reveal something to someone. Tony refused to disclose the location of the papers to me. Please disclose the names to me at once.
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Would assets declared by the judges then become disclosable to the people under the RTI Act, even if it is personal information held in a fiduciary relationship?
Data for the drilling oil and gas wells industry (NAICS 213111) are not disclosable.
The guidance document indicates that when an investigator has disclosable interests or arrangements, the FDA reviewer will carefully consider the steps taken by the sponsor to minimize bias, including study design, use of multiple clinical investigators/study sites, and replication of study results, and will make a judgment as to whether the disclosed interests or arrangements may have affected the study results or otherwise warrant further action.
The case did not, however, address whether the taxpayer's workpapers were disclosable or whether those papers could be covered by the work product privilege--issues that have arisen numerous times over the past 26 years, most recently in Textron in the First Circuit and Deloitte in the D.
Only communications with your solicitor are not disclosable.
02 percent in BES, reaching the level of a disclosable qualified holding in the Portuguese bank, BES reportedly said in a regulatory filing.
tax purposes, the corporation's revenue and expenses should not be considered for the purposes of the threshold test but may be disclosable as a foreign investment in Part I.
In my opinion, it was patently disclosable, not a debatable point.
The FOIA officer must develop a list of documents or categories of records that are immediately disclosable upon request.
In addition, the rules impose longer look-back periods for disclosure of other directorships (5 years) and of legal proceedings (10 years), with an expansion of the types of disclosable legal proceedings.
SNFs and nursing facilities would be required to make available information on ownership (including direct and indirect ownership) and additional disclosable parties, as well as information describing the governing body and organizational structure of the facility.
He argues that historical quality assurance records--that is, records relating to the work of the investigating pediatric forensic pathologist on previous cases, not just the instant case--are disclosable according the standard established in Stinchcombe.
in detail which portions of the document are disclosable and which are
All information (whether oral, in writing or otherwise) arising out of, or in connection with, at the Mediation will be without prejudice, privileged and not admissible as evidence or disclosable in any current or subsequent litigation or other proceedings whatsoever.
Chief Supt Chris Armitt, head of the force's criminal justice department, said: "A caution is a prosecution which stays on a person's criminal record and is potentially disclosable to employers indefinitely.