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brink of disaster

A point very close to complete ruin, destruction, or failure. Our company was on the brink of disaster, but after our latest product came out, we've been doing better than ever before! The increasing tension of looming war between the two countries has brought the entire region to the brink of disaster.
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a walking disaster

Someone who seems to constantly be in or cause great amounts of trouble, difficulty, or mayhem; someone who epitomizes disaster or calamity in his or her actions or behavior. I heard that John got fired from another job because he kept on messing up his boss's instructions. What a walking disaster! First, I lock myself out of the house, then my grocery bag breaks in the parking lot, and now I stepped on my glasses—I'm just a walking disaster today!
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disaster area

1. A location where a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, flood, or storm, occurred. An area designated as such is often the recipient of government aid. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the president declared New Orleans a disaster area and allotted federal funding for the rescue and cleanup efforts.
2. A messy or unclean space. After only a few weeks of living on his own, Adam's apartment looked like a disaster area because he never bothered to clean up after himself.
3. A situation, idea, or plan that is poorly planned or organized. The new economic plan that the senator proposed sounded like a complete disaster area.
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disaster of epic proportions

Cliché a very large disaster. (Often jocular.) The earthquake was responsible for a disaster of epic proportions. Your late arrival caused a disaster of epic proportions.
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spell disaster Fig.

to indicate or predict disaster. What a horrible plan! It would spell disaster for all of us!
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a disaster area

1. if a place is a disaster area, it is very untidy
Usage notes: A disaster area is also a place where an event like a storm or a flood causes serious damage and the government gives help for the emergency.
The kitchen was a disaster area, with greasy plates piled high in the sink.
2. if a subject, a piece of work, or an organization is a disaster area, it causes many problems, often because it is badly organized Government housing policy is a complete disaster area.
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be a recipe for [disaster/happiness/success etc.]

if something is a recipe for disaster, happiness, success etc., it is very likely to cause this Living with your husband's family is a recipe for disaster.
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More people were run over in the streets upon that one day, than in the previous three months, and a County Council steamboat, the Isaac Walton, collided with a pier of Westminster Bridge, and narrowly escaped disaster by running ashore--it was low water--on the mud on the south side.
Before, I had only imagined the wretchedness of my desolated home; the reality came on me as a new, and a not less terrible, disaster.
I saw unhappiness deeply impressed on his countenance, but he endeavoured to welcome me cheerfully; and, after we had exchanged our mournful greeting, would have introduced some other topic than that of our disaster, had not Ernest exclaimed, "Good God, papa
The disaster of this woman was some months before that of the last-recited story, and was indeed partly occasion of my governess proposing to dress me up in men's clothes, that I might go about unobserved, as indeed I did; but I was soon tired of that disguise, as I have said, for indeed it exposed me to too many difficulties.
This partisan appeared at the rendezvous without his party, and a sorrowful tale of disasters had he to relate.
The causes of superstition are: pleasing and sensual rites and ceremonies; excess of outward and pharisaical holiness; overgreat reverence of traditions, which cannot but load the church; the stratagems of prelates, for their own ambition and lucre; the favoring too much of good intentions, which openeth the gate to conceits and novelties; the taking an aim at divine matters, by human, which cannot but breed mixture of imaginations: and, lastly, barbarous times, especially joined with calamities and disasters.
If my memory serves me the disasters which overtook the Majority of this honourable body always befell when it was the Minority's deal.
That said, most IT organizations recognize that some level of disaster recovery planning and implementation is a requirement, even if their business doesn't happen to be located in Hurricane Alley.
Disaster Recovery Guides, Mobilization Kit and Other Resources www.
1) regarding the risk for epidemics in certain disaster settings.
The President has had to declare disaster areas numerous times, thus allowing for specialized accounting and exceptions to the rules.
CPA Mitzy Barreto was one of hundreds of members who volunteered to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina who had been removed to FEMA disaster recovery centers in Los Angeles as part of a joint effort with the IRS, AICPA and CalCPA.
has made a career doing disaster recovery planning and management at organizations as diverse as Merrill Lynch and Toyota.
The audit found that IT operations within the DHS are generally unprepared to recover from a major disaster.
For each of these types of disaster, the book contains 26 case examples describing the events that led up to the disaster, the technical details of the event itself, the cleanup it necessitated, and its consequences.