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do a disappearing act

To vanish from sight or flee suddenly from a place. My kids always do a disappearing act when I tell them it's time for their chores. The three of us did a disappearing act, heading for the Mexican border so we could leave this all behind us.
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pull a disappearing act

To depart or go away very suddenly or without warning, especially so as to avoid doing something. My roommate loves to throw parties here, but she always pulls a disappearing act the next day when everything needs to be cleaned up! Brian is nearly two weeks late finishing his sales report—that's why he's been pulling a disappearing act whenever the boss is around.
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disappear from (something)

1. To become no longer visible. I watched Jill's car drive away until it disappeared from view.
2. To become missing from some place, as if having been removed or become lost (usually to someone's surprise or confusion). I would give you my stapler, but it seems to have disappeared from my desk. That poor little girl disappeared from that school back in the '80s and was never found.
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disappear into thin air

To vanish completely and without a trace. I would give you my stapler, but it seems to have disappeared into thin air.
See also: air, disappear, thin

disappear off the face of the earth

To vanish completely and without a trace. Has anyone talked to Christina lately? It's like she disappeared off the face of the earth.
See also: disappear, earth, face, of, off

disappear without (a) trace

1. To disappear without any indication to one's or something's whereabouts. Police have been searching for two weeks to find a young girl who disappeared without trace from her home in Rochester. Authorities are puzzled by the navy submarine that seemingly disappeared without a trace last Thursday.
2. To be forgotten about by the population as a whole, especially after being very popular. The digital pets fad took the world by storm in the late 1990s, but disappeared without a trace after a few years.
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disappear into the woodwork

To recede or absent oneself from public view; to become or remain hidden in society. The former movie star, never one to disappear into the woodwork, launched a very successful chain of restaurants and eventually ran for public office in Washington state. I think people expected us to disappear into the woodwork after the referendum results, but we made sure to stay firmly in the eye of the public.
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disappear from something

to vanish from something or some place, especially from sight, view, or the face of the earth; to have been taken away from something. Jack disappeared all of a sudden last week, as if from the face of the earth. The car pulled away and disappeared from sight down the road.
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do a disappearing act

Vanish, as in As soon as the teacher came outside, Mary did a disappearing act. This expression describes a sudden disappearance as if by magic and presumably alludes to a magician's performance. [Colloquial; early 1900s]
See also: act, disappear

do a disappearing act

go away without being seen to go, especially when someone is looking for you.
The suggestion here is that the person has vanished as completely and inexplicably as things vanish in a magician's act.
See also: act, disappear

do/perform/stage a disapˈpearing/ˈvanishing act

(informal) go away or be impossible to find when people need or want you: Ian always does a disappearing act when it’s time to wash the dishes.This refers to a magic trick done by a magician in which they make themselves or another person disappear.

disappear/vanish off the face of the ˈearth

disappear completely: Keep looking — they can’t just have vanished off the face of the earth.
See also: disappear, earth, face, of, off, vanish

disappear, etc. into thin ˈair

disappear, etc. suddenly and in a mysterious way: The money vanished into thin air. Nobody knows what happened to it.
See also: air, thin

do a disappearing act

To vanish.
See also: act, disappear
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It would be useful to state at the outset that Pakistan is under obligation to eliminate enforced disappearances under international customary law as codified in the United Nations General Assembly Declaration on Enforced Disappearance 1992 and other instruments.
Over the past three decades, more than 8,000 people have been subjected to enforced disappearances, an APDP spokesman said.
The official Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances, established in 2011, has the authority to fix responsibility and file police reports against those involved in the disappearance of an individual, 'but it has not brought anyone to justice for these crimes', he added.
While addressing the consultation Chairman NCHR Justice Retired Ali Nawaz Chowhan showed serious concerns over the inaptitude of the Government to take the issue of enforced disappearance and said that people were fearful over rise in cases of disappearances and that it is the foremost duty of the state to protect its citizen and to trace all missing persons.
The cause of ARA San Juan's disappearance will be investigated by a commission created by the congress in Argentina, according to reports Monday.
Says those challenging state's security narrative risked disappearance, but ones purveying hate speech allowed to go freeISLAMABAD: Former president retired Gen Pervez Musharraf's admission in his memoirs that he handed over hundreds of alleged militants to the US after 9/11 widened space for agencies involved in enforced disappearances, and the narrative that state itself is involved in the mysterious disappearances.
During the demonstration outside Peshawar Press Club, speakers raised concerns over Mahmood's disappearance.
A meeting of the Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights, chaired by Senator Nasreen Jalil, on Thursday, also agreed to listen to the recovered persons and then confront the agencies for their disappearance, The Express Tribune reported.
Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL) on Thursday followed up the disappearance of its Correspondent Azory Gwanda with the police.
Star Image Artist Management posted on its Facebook account about Ford's disappearance.
GENEVA, Aug 29 (KUNA) -- At a time when enforced disappearance is practiced in every region, and in many countries is increasing, a group of UN human rights experts on Tuesday urged all Member States to ratify the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance.
Mekawy is the wife of a well-known victim of enforced disappearance, Al-Dostor party member and school owner Ashraf Shehata, who has been missing since 13 January 2014.
TUNIS, (TAP) - Nearly 36 cases of enforced disappearance have been recorded by the Truth and Dignity Commission (French: IVD) in the period 1991-2008, including cases dating back to the Youssefist period, the IVD said in a press conference Monday.
AN Irishman and chief suspect in the disappearance of his wife in the US more than eight years ago is expected to return home this week after being ordered to "self-deport.
In December 29, the Supreme Court in Thailand acquitted five police officers accused of involvement in the abduction and disappearance of Somchai, while he was defending detainees under martial law in the restive south, according to a statement issued by the Prince's office.