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agree to disagree

Of two parties, to mutually accept that they simply do not (and will not) share the same view on a particular issue, in the interest of moving past the issue or avoiding further confrontation. After their discussion about politics intensified, Fred and Sue had to agree to disagree before it impacted their friendship. I'm sick of arguing with you, so let's just agree to disagree and move on from this issue.
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disagree with (one)

To have a negative physical effect on one. Can we go to a different restaurant? The food there always seems to disagree with me.
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I beg to disagree

I politely disagree. I'm sorry, headmaster, but I beg to disagree. Students at this school should have more access to financial aid and scholarships, not less. He thinks that the evening was a disaster, but I beg to disagree—I saw plenty of guests enjoying themselves!
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agree to disagree

Cliché [for two or more parties] to calmly agree not to come to an agreement in a dispute. We have accomplished nothing except that we agree to disagree.
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disagree with someone

[for food or drink] to upset someone's stomach. Milk always disagrees with me. Onions disagree with my husband, so he never eats them.
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disagree (with someone) (about someone or something)

 and disagree (with someone) (on someone or something)
to hold views about someone or something that are opposed to someone else's views. I take it you disagree with me about Tom. Don't disagree about Tom with me. I disagree about this with almost everyone. I disagree with you.

agree to differ


agree to disagree

If two people who are arguing about something agree to differ or agree to disagree, they decide to stop arguing because neither of them is going to change their opinion. I find some of his views very curious and we've agreed to differ on some things. You and I are going to have to agree to disagree on this issue.
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agree to differ

cease to argue about something because neither party will compromise or be persuaded.
See also: agree, differ

aˌgree to ˈdiffer

(of two or more people) allow each other to have different opinions about something, especially in order to avoid more argument: Our views on this matter are so different that we’ll just have to agree to differ.
See also: agree, differ
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Germany has said that it completely disagrees with reported French plans to propose a European Union rescue package for banks, Reuters has reported citing the German Finance Ministry.
Our center has been open and operational for years, so to the extent that it's not a viable alternative we disagree with the court.
But 50 percent or more of these Catholics disagree with church teaching limiting ordination to unmarried men and prohibiting artificial birth control and in-vitro fertilization.
Third, Bergsten also seems to disagree with our support of the Federal Reserve's policy.
People may disagree with the success of the Millennium March, but it had a profound impact on my life.
No one disagrees with this important conclusion drawn from the economic analysis of law.
The solution that some propose to the divisive controversy over abortion is that the opposing parties in this dispute should simply "agree to disagree.
Well," one of us invariably says when it's time to hang up the phone or get some sleep, "I guess we're going to have to agree to disagree.
Merck reiterated that it was vigilant in monitoring and disclosing the cardiovascular safety of VIOXX(R) and that the company absolutely disagrees with any implication to the contrary.
They claim that the grains resemble those found in ALH84001, but Thomas-Keprta disagrees.
He disagrees with Thomas Kuhn's description of scientific progress as a series of "paradigm shifts" by which a new system of ideas and explanations replaces an old system, which is then itself discarded.
one of the world's largest manufacturers of OEM and upgrade component technology, disagrees with the patent infringement claim made by SanDisk Corp.
A celebrity disagrees with a government position or agrees with a dictatorial regime and he is free to publicly express these views and get them disseminated because of his celebrity.
Princeton has advised the Company that it is making all efforts to secure funding to satisfy the request but, in any event, has further advised that it disagrees with the Company's interpretation as to the requirement to provide the facility and disagrees with the Company's position that it is in non-compliance of the Agreement.
We'd also want to know why it disagrees and where it disagrees with the independent analysis that was done,'' said Hahn spokeswoman Julie Wong.