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agree to disagree

Of two parties, to mutually accept that they simply do not (and will not) share the same view on a particular issue, in the interest of moving past the issue or avoiding further confrontation. After their discussion about politics intensified, Fred and Sue had to agree to disagree before it impacted their friendship. I'm sick of arguing with you, so let's just agree to disagree and move on from this issue.
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agree to disagree

Cliché [for two or more parties] to calmly agree not to come to an agreement in a dispute. We have accomplished nothing except that we agree to disagree.
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disagree with someone

[for food or drink] to upset someone's stomach. Milk always disagrees with me. Onions disagree with my husband, so he never eats them.
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disagree (with someone) (about someone or something)

 and disagree (with someone) (on someone or something)
to hold views about someone or something that are opposed to someone else's views. I take it you disagree with me about Tom. Don't disagree about Tom with me. I disagree about this with almost everyone. I disagree with you.

agree to disagree

to decide not to argue about something any more The two countries can agree to disagree on this issue and still have a cooperative relationship.
See also: agree, disagree

I beg to differ/disagree

a polite way of saying that you disagree with something that someone has said I beg to differ with Mr Stahl's final assertion.
See also: beg, differ
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Almost half of those surveyed (48%) said the Syrian conflict was "none of our business", with 27% disagreeing.
Mr Nicholas Sutton, defending, said McCann had been following West Bromwich Albion for two years and committed the offence after disagreeing with the linesman's decision.
Dissenting from the policy makers is free speech, but disagreeing with the dissenters makes you part of a ``self-appointed thought police.
Women were particularly hostile, with 71per cent disagreeing with the law, and 52per cent strongly disagreeing.
But according to The Saint Index, commissioned by TSCG, by late fall of 2005 opposition had already swelled to 80 percent, with 63 percent of those interviewed disagreeing strongly.
Disagreeing with Palmdale on how to ensure confidentiality during negotiations with prospective businesses, Lancaster officials notified the Foreign Trade Zones Board of the U.
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued an order disagreeing with the appropriateness of an injunction.
While not disagreeing completely that the so-called minority of Linda Parks and Elois Zeanah do not wear white hats, Judy Lazar has the distinction of being the rudest mayor this side of the Rockies.
Respondents were almost evenly split on seeing the value in having their banking, insurance and investment accounts integrated under one financial service provider, with 47% agreeing that integration of financial institutions has value and 43% disagreeing.