disagree with

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disagree with (one)

To have a negative physical effect on one. Can we go to a different restaurant? The food there always seems to disagree with me.
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disagree with someone

[for food or drink] to upset someone's stomach. Milk always disagrees with me. Onions disagree with my husband, so he never eats them.
See also: disagree
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39% disagree with changing the Social Security system to allow people to invest part of their Social Security payroll tax in stocks and bonds.
Those who disagree with the ruling are also more inclined to say the decision makes them much more likely to vote (43%) compared to those who agree with the ruling (35%).
We often hear about whether people agree or disagree with the church's sexual teachings.
If the defendants disagree with the federal and state agencies and experts who are charged with enforcing the law, I believe they should petition the government to change the law.
For each, please tell me if it you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree with the argument.
And ever since, the polls have consistently shown that the vast majority of the Catholic laity disagree with their church's official position and practice birth control in good conscience.
We disagree with the appellate court's revised ruling as strongly as we disagreed with the original decision of the court," said Rebecca O.
He could disagree with you or we would disagree about some things, but he was never disagreeable doing it,'' Lombardo said.
Columnist Gary Wills called this one of the cruelest remarks ever made by a public figure - and can anyone disagree with him?
Seventy-five percent disagree with the argument that the diversion makes sense in light of the state budget's disastrous condition and the state's significant investment in roads over the past several years.
Alarcon would respectfully disagree with Congresswoman Fiedler's assessment,'' Blackman said.
Do you agree or disagree with the Palestinian right to establish an
I'd like to read you a few statements about this issue and for each, please tell me whether you agree or disagree with that particular statement.
Recently I was asked by a well-known council supporter why I disagree with the way Jim Gilley and the majority of the City Council run Lancaster.
For each question indicate whether you AGREE or DISAGREE with the statement.