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agree to disagree

Of two parties, to mutually accept that they simply do not (and will not) share the same view on a particular issue, in the interest of moving past the issue or avoiding further confrontation. After their discussion about politics intensified, Fred and Sue had to agree to disagree before it impacted their friendship. I'm sick of arguing with you, so let's just agree to disagree and move on from this issue.
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agree to disagree

Cliché [for two or more parties] to calmly agree not to come to an agreement in a dispute. We have accomplished nothing except that we agree to disagree.
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disagree with someone

[for food or drink] to upset someone's stomach. Milk always disagrees with me. Onions disagree with my husband, so he never eats them.
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disagree (with someone) (about someone or something)

 and disagree (with someone) (on someone or something)
to hold views about someone or something that are opposed to someone else's views. I take it you disagree with me about Tom. Don't disagree about Tom with me. I disagree about this with almost everyone. I disagree with you.

agree to disagree

to decide not to argue about something any more The two countries can agree to disagree on this issue and still have a cooperative relationship.
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I beg to differ/disagree

a polite way of saying that you disagree with something that someone has said I beg to differ with Mr Stahl's final assertion.
See also: beg, differ
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Out of 41,6% of the respondents who do not agree with the statement, 13,7% disagree at all.
O O O O O 1 2 3 4 5 Strongly Disagree Neither agree Agree Strongly agree disagree nor disagree 2.
Please rate the following statements on a scale from 1 to 7, where 1 means "fully disagree and 7 means "fully agree".
The more strongly they disagree with you, the better the odds you are likely to get.
Do you agree or disagree with putting bureaucrats in Washington in charge of the availability of your medicine?
Do you agree or disagree that the confirmation of a nominee for the U.
For each question indicate whether you AGREE or DISAGREE with the statement.
Strongly agree 11% Strongly disagree 24% Somewhat agree 24% Somewhat disagree 22% Neither agree nor disagree 19% JENNINGS ADELE The UK has a duty to help overseas countries after natural disasters.
The Instrument: In this study, the researcher has developed a well-structured questionnaire on five point Likert scale, from "Strongly Agree" to "Strongly Disagree.
Read the five statements below and then select the response that best describes how strongly you agree or disagree with each.
Respondents are given the choice of 5 Likert scale responses (totally disagree = 1, almost totally disagree = 2, sometimes agree = 3, almost totally agree = 4, totally agree = 5) based on their feelings towards each of the 34 items.
Looking strictly at the most impassioned responses reveals an even tighter parity, with 27% each indicating that they strongly agree and strongly disagree.
com)-- When asked for an opinion on whether the news media did an excellent job at informing viewers regarding the recent election, almost a quarter of Americans strongly disagree with that statement.
Indeed, it could be said that the ability to disagree is the one ability they all share.
For example: 60 percent agree with Question 1, 20 percent are neutral and 20 percent disagree.