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The agency document suggests that in the early 1970s Bennett, then a public relations executive, conspired with White House dirty trickster E.
The self-described dirty trickster last week volunteered to testify before the congressional committees investigating Russian interference in last year's presidential election.
The film, which carries no writer credit (although Peter Coyote's narration is prominent), has its theories of why this is so, and suggests that GOP dirty tricksters may be the villains without saying it in so many words.
On Capitol Hill, GOPers have been engaged in activities reminiscent of what the dirty tricksters of the Nixon re-election campaign called "ratfucking.
To make sure that happens, we need someone to uphold the rules against conflicts of interest, ensuring public-meeting laws are enforced, looking at political-shakedown tactics, exposing dirty tricksters and making sure that campaign-contribution limits are not abused through conspiracies that allow some people to end up with undue influence over city government to their own benefit,'' Cooley said.
The US government begins a public relations war against its northern neighbour and sends a contingent of dirty tricksters disguised as Canadians to sabotage an American power plant.
They shouldn't be tarred with the same brush as dirty tricksters any more than the printer who cranks out your church bulletin shouldn't be put on the same level with the sleaze ball who produces child pornography.