dirty hands

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dirty your hands

to become involved in bad activities that might spoil other people's opinions of you (usually negative) The royal family don't usually dirty their hands with politics.
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References in classic literature ?
The bulkheads, all painted in clear white and beaded round with gilt, bore a pattern of dirty hands.
You're right there,' returned the little man, highly gratified by the compliment, for such he evidently considered it; and grinning like a devil as he rubbed his dirty hands together.
Very much relieved by his disappearance, Kate was turning to speak to her mama, when the dirty hands again became visible, and were immediately followed by the figure of a coarse squat man, who ascended by the steps which had been recently occupied by their singular neighbour.
While he was still dwelling on the last note, and embellishing it with a prolonged flourish, a dirty hand was observed to glide stealthily and swiftly along the top of the wall, as if in pursuit of a fly, and then to clasp with the utmost dexterity one of the old gentleman's ankles.
He put out his heavy, dirty hand, and drew the girl towards him; passed it over her neck and bust, felt her arms, looked at her teeth, and then pushed her back against her mother, whose patient face showed the suffering she had been going through at every motion of the hideous stranger.
And Christine Blackburn recommends Swarfega which may sound like a disease you could catch while canoeing down the Amazon but is actually a heavy duty hand cleaner used by tradesmen with dirty hands.
The decease can infect through water, dirty hands, toys, and household items.
Today the dirty hands of Americans and the Zionists have come out of the sleeves of the Takfiri terrorists and Saudis," Aboutorabifard said on Saturday.
There's just one thing keeping Wrenchers out of the dirty hands of hard-working people everywhere: production funding.
This product not only prevents damage from stains over the vehicle's lifetime, it also protects the fabric from dirty hands and spills," according to a spokesman.
It doesn't do any good to wash your hands if you touch the knobs everyone turned on with dirty hands.
Bell also urged people to come forward if their partner came home last Saturday morning with dirty clothes or dirty hands and was behaving unusually.
It boasts a museum about the pasty - designed to be easily eaten by tin miners with dirty hands.
Individuals and businesses are encouraged to back the project, in exchange for a range of "perks" ranging from A2 fine art prints by Muro Buro and access to an exclusive workshop by high-profile designer Signalnoise to wall murals designed and painted by Dirty Hands Co, the team behind interiors at Newcastle's Dat Bar and Dr Martens.