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Amsterdam is home to four of Europe's dirtiest hotels.
Of major towns and cities only Bristol had more unwashed and untidy vehicles than Brighton in a poll by the Autoglass company London vehicles were the next dirtiest, while some of the filthiest cars were also to be found in Liverpool, Sheffield and Leicester.
Newcastle Central toilets are not the dirtiest in Britain, but the blame for the damage lies with the people who use them.
London edged out Paris for the unwanted accolade of dirtiest city in the survey of more than 1,100 travellers carried out by TripAdvisor.
One could certainly argue that scrap recycling does not deserve the dubious honor of being labeled "the dirtiest business," but the daily practice of handling the discards of others has indeed proven profitable for the three Blase brothers.
Subtitled "made-to-fit tales for the maladjusted", this collection of short stories showcase a genuine and offbeat talent anthologized into a 110-page compendium which includes The South's Greatest Writer; Lunacy Grounded; Nature of the Beasts; Babes in Arms; Mightier than the Sword; Benny the Broker; The Twiddlebum Method: Shaping Today's Youth for a Limited Tomorrow; Behind the Throne; Kiss of Knowledge; The Battle of Florence Tucker; Scenic Hell Becomes Vacation Hot Spot; A Taste of Palp; Life of the Party; The Dirtiest Words in the World; Double Occupancy; Feed the Lawyers; The Bells of Griswald Stump; Mrs.
Teens who had grown up in towns with the dirtiest air were up to five times as likely to have lower-than-expected lung function as were kids in the cleanest communities.
The dirtiest, most dangerous jobs are reserved for the lower ranking (and lower paid) enlisted troops.
Commented correspondent Bob Orr: "The rollback of clean air rules is a bonanza for hundreds of the nation's oldest and dirtiest power plants.
The Sapporo High Court on Friday ordered an opposition lawmaker to pay 1 million yen to scandal-tainted lawmaker Muneo Suzuki for calling him ''Japan's dirtiest politician.
Why don't we rake through our picture files to find some other extreme Wales teams, like the Ugliest XI, the Dirtiest XI, the Sexiest XI and so on?
This technique allows even the dirtiest and most problematic samples to be analysed within five minutes.
No doubt we will hear from our councillors that the "Britain's dirtiest city" label is unfair - and maybe it is.
Another option would focus on getting the dirtiest cars off the road since, Melnick says, about 50% of CO comes from less than 10% of cars--better catalytic converters account for the improved performance of newer cars.
Second, a Rest was used to detect statistically significant differences of the variables between the cleanest and dirtiest heats.