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Environmental Protection Agency's proposed mercury reduction rule would put Pennsylvania at a competitive disadvantage and harm the state's economy by requiring more stringent emissions standards for the cleaner-burning bituminous coal mined in the Commonwealth than for dirtier coal mined in the West, according to Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Secretary Kathleen A.
Now their underpants seem dirtier than ever following a spectacular collapse highlighted by a 3-0 home humiliation by Colchester.
To make matters worse, with the dirtier furnish that most mills must work with, the job of keeping felts clean has become much harder.
THE streets of Liverpool could become even dirtier, environment chiefs claimed today.
Presumably, bigger, dirtier cars capable of making their own roads aren't a part of the solution.
The proposals currently being considered include a green tax, which could see operators incurring a penalty on dirtier aircraft but a rebate on cleaner ones; and a scheme to provide financial incentives for operators to retire older aircraft.
If truth be told, most of us need to get our fingernails much dirtier when digging for answers to these questions.
One tie, dirtier than Tonya Harding's living room rug.
The system also has to cope with dirtier outside air than, say, is found in the Southwest region.
After Taylor drives the truck back to the church, his teenage crew begins the hotter, dirtier job of transforming the dirt -- 70 percent sand, 30 percent clay -- into adobe, the basic material of the Southwest.
It's a wonderful parody of Strip revues, including nearly bare boy dancers, and though it's a smaller-budget operation than Frank ("Joan Rivers") Marino's La Cage revue at the Riviera--which it inspired--it's wittier, dirtier, and more fun.
The air in your home may be dirtier than the air outdoors, especially in winter, when residences are closed tightly.
Also, many opposed to the plant think that geothermal power is not the best alternative to dirtier and more expensive oil-based power.
Argentine wool was usually dirtier and fetched lower prices than wool from other parts of the world.