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be in dire straits

To be in a very bleak or grim situation. All of those recent layoffs indicate that the company is in dire straits. I was in dire straits there for a while, but I'm feeling much better after my hospital stay.
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in dire straits

In a very bleak or grim situation. The recent nosedive in the stock market has left many companies in dire straits. I was in dire straits there for a while, but I'm feeling much better after my hospital stay.
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in dire straits

Fig. in a very serious, bad circumstance. We are nearly broke and need money for medicine. We are in dire straits.
See also: dire, strait
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After England's direst display yet on this tour against the Aussies in Adelaide, take the 8-11 with Bet365 about Australia defying a handicap of 4.
Only those in the direst need will get help with, for instance, care at home.
He offers us a vital and palpable sense of the trepidations harbored and the risks confronted by the many millions during Qing and Republican times who felt compelled by the direst circumstances to make the migration north.
I am well trained to have the lowest monetary expectations and have learned how to make do in the direst circumstances.
As a way of coming to terms with the inevitable growth of self-consciousness in the deployment of gesture, Caro's diversion into quasi-architectural concerns in the late '80s and early '90s, because of the structural discipline it necessitated, was probably a wise move, sparing him the direst consequences of strained eloquence.
With proper retaking, direst mail is highly accountable.
True joy manifests itself in the form of hope in the direst of circumstances.
This past week has seen the direst warning to date of the pensions timebomb that is set to rip Britain apart ( a staggering pounds 57 billion shortfall has been identified in the amount people are saving for retirement.
Keep the hard sell in your arsenal, but save it for the direst of occasions.
In the direst moments, grit your teeth and repeat ten times: "It's only a teenage moment.
Continued complacency over the water situation is likely to lead to a water crisis that will have the direst consequences for the world's poor, they say.
Soon after Murch got her lab set up in February, she started with the direst cases, such as the hard-luck shrub called Kanaloa kahoolawensis.
In other words, it was at the moment when one had the direst need for intensifying the research at hand, which was already quite advanced, and when one needed to nurture it with other methods and other languages, that economic and social decadence made Islamic societies turn their back to science.
Unfit for service, even in the direst days of the Nazi regime's hunger for manpower, he observes and obsesses about the decline and then repopulation of the rail station.
So the evidence about what's happening on the ground in Japan and the aspirations of American CEOs there suggests that the direst of media pronouncements have been overblown.