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I think that Right Said Fred's order of hits was Don't Talk Just Kiss, I'm Too Sexy and Deeply Dippy, colleague disagrees.
The acquisition should allow Dippy Foods to increase production capabilities to over 1,500,000 meals per month by first quarter of 2000.
Dippy Foods President Jon Stevenson was optimistic of potential of this new market.
Dipendra, who was nicknamed Dippy at Eton, was worshipped by the people of Nepal.
Officials in charge of the dippy dino apologised to the owners - then decided it was time to let him down gently.
Department of Agriculture's National School Breakfast and Lunch Program actually profit by using Dippy Foods, since the reimbursement per meal by the U.
In a career that pretty much defines the word peripatetic, Cher has gone from dippy hippy to serious, Oscar-winning actress to infomercial hack, and made every career move seem part of the organic whole that is inextricably, indisputably ``Cher.
DEEPLY DIPPY Prankster jokes with mates; DISH, SPLASH Before bosses pulled plug
Dippy Helen then panicked that the paint would mat her blonde hair - before asking how Paul knew she enjoyed sex.
It is unashamedly romantic in nature as it follows the trials and tribulations of dippy heroine Val O'Hara, who seems to have the knack of causing mayhem wherever she goes.
Dippy Sam and Amanda, 19, have recorded a version of Barbie Girl, originally the work of Danish group Aqua and voted the worst-ever No.
In a chat with Steph, Gos and Cameron in the garden yesterday, the dippy, hippy chick was openmouthed to discover that physics geek Jon has more than just a soft spot for her.
His slightly dippy girlfriend Kate (Hull) functions as his accomplice.
Dippy Foods recently expanded its marketing efforts to include national concession venues and successfully launched its line of Santa Fe Nachos with a new self-serve display box with point of sale display materials for this new market.