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autem dipper

obsolete One belonging to the Anabaptist faith, in which believers are baptized after infancy. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, so an "autem dipper" is one whose faith is based on baptism (that is, a "dip" in water). As one has no concept of faith as an infant, the autem dippers believe that baptism should take place when one is old enough to affirm belief in the church.
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1. n. a drunkard. (From dipsomaniac.) Buy the dip a drink. That’ll shut him up for a while.
2. and dipper n. a pickpocket. (Underworld.) The dip tried a snatch, but the dupe turned around at the wrong time. The cops picked up three dippers, working as a group, at the fairgrounds.
3. n. a pinch or helping of snuff. He took a dip just before he picked up the bat.
4. n. a wad of chewing tobacco. You could see he had a big dip in his cheek.
5. n. an oaf; a jerk. (Probably from dipshit.) Why are you acting like such a dip?


See dip


1. n. a person who collects two salaries; a federal employee who collects a federal pension and Social Security. The double-dippers say they weren’t doing anything wrong.
2. n. a person who dips a chip or veggie into a dip or sauce after having taken a bite of the chip or veggie, thus risking the introduction of germs into the dip. I always watch the snack table to make sure there are no double-dippers.


n. a swimmer, as opposed to a surfer. (California.) The fanny-dippers are not supposed to go out that far.
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A long-running study in Wales, led by Cardiff University, shows that Mayflies have recovered in 60% of streams monitored; good news for birds such as Dipper and Grey Wagtail.
In a total of 1126 cases; the distribution of patterns was as follows: dipper (476, 42.
Automatic dipper carry back measurement and compensation supports real-time differential payload calculation, which is crucial for operations where the material can often stick to the dipper, for instance in the Canadian oil sands, the company reported.
Seeing them plunge into the rapid water to pick out insect larvae or freshwater shrimps, you'd think this diminutive bird would easily be swept away, but dippers are strong swimmers and always resurface, usually with their catch.
From the counter top point of view, it looks and functions like an ordinary dipper well --the 'secret sauce' lies underneath," he said.
Unless we count the tiny dipper of the brightest Pleiades stars, there is no small asterism that can compare with the row of three bright stars in Orion's Belt.
This means that clean-water organisms recolonising these rivers, such as the dipper, are being exposed to new problems that are still poorly understood.
The Skinny Dipper is a smaller swimbait that anglers can purchase for a few dollars per package rather than $20-to-$50 per individual lure.
And while the lack of betting revenues over a three-runner race gave the board sufficient justification not to fund a rescheduled Dipper, that should not have been the final word.
WHEN SPRING is at its peak in Earth's mid-northern latitudes, the landmark Big Dipper is at its peak height, almost straight overhead in the north, around nightfall.
The Snot Buster and Sputum Dipper provide a convenient and ready-to-use system for improving processing and quality of results from sputum specimens in terms of both culture and Gram staining analysis.
expanded in October 2011 creating the online The Big Dipper Store.
That number remains to be seen, but it's enough to earn the event the title of The Big Dipper.
And it was an impressive opening half in which the foundations were laid as the trio of Will Graham, Toby Dipper and Dion Angus netted the all important goals that the Coventry side were unable to pull back despite a valiant second half display.