dip (one's) toe into (something)

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dip (one's) toe into (something)

To tentatively begin or get involved in a new experience. Likened to gently placing one's toe into water to test its temperature. I studied graphic design in college, but I've been dipping my toe into writing fiction lately. I've always wanted to travel the world, but I've never left the US. I'll dip my toe into it this summer, though, with a short trip to Toronto.
See also: dip, toe

dip one's toes into

Also, get one's toes into or wet . Begin to do something novel or unfamiliar, as in I have been dipping my toes into Asian cooking, or She's eager to go to Europe and has been getting her toes wet by getting travel information. [Late 1900s] Also see get one's feet wet.
See also: dip, toe

dip your toe into something

begin to do or test something cautiously.
The image here is of putting your toe briefly into water in order to check the temperature.
See also: dip, something, toe
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Be it a family-friendly holiday park or a hotel in Cancun, to make a trip to Trip Advisor these days is to dip one's toe into an increasingly wide world of whining.
Claire Knight's brand new library with a focus on e-resources and Janet Syme's Y8 History project are both wonderful examples and show how it is possible to dip one's toe into the water or immerse yourself fully