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DG490 is expected to be the world's dinkiest supercar: a snub-nosed hatchback with gull wing doors that will do 140 mph.
We sampled his pounds 40 a head four-course menu, which included a soft and flavoursome braised beef with herb dumpling and braised vegetables, plus a small-but-perfectly-formed parsley crumbed mutton accompanied by the dinkiest shepherd's pie I've ever seen.
He was famed for his risque, flesh-baring clothing, decking out the girls of the swinging sixties in the shortest miniskirts and dinkiest dresses.
But if I was submitting my Christmas List to my fabulously rich international playboy lover, then I'd like a Matthew Williamson Limited Edition DAB Digital Radio; a Yamaha APX9A Electro Acoustic guitar, a 45-inch LCD television with Sky Plus and one of the dinkiest Sony Vaio laptops available.
With scarce a lip tremble he faced his public, blond locks swept back under an alice band and sporting the dinkiest little criss- cross suture on the shapely Beckham eyebrow.
It is now known that David - as Edward was called by his friends and relatives - had the dinkiest winkie ever seen.
Stila have produced the dinkiest little pocket palette of four wearable lip shades of the prettiest pinks.