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It feels like one would expect a pub to feel, cloaked in a comforting dimness that's easy on the eyes without descending into dinginess.
In addition to stain and spot removal, the products are also used to remove and prevent graying, dinginess and unpleasant odors, as well as for sanitizing.
On dry or uneven surfaces, or when a frog hangs upside down, the mucus creates surface tension and viscosity--in other words, extra dinginess.
Significantly, The Pallasades shopping centre - frequently highlighted as a key reason for the dinginess of the current New Street layout - will remain above much of the expanded concourse level.
Dinginess of fabrics: Use 3 tablespoons of Bar Keepers Friend in your washing machine (Bar Keepers Friend contains no phosphates and dissolves grease and dirt).
That said, we didn't have to wait for Waters to make us chortle: Witness Mel Bochner's hilarious cast list Minimal Art--The Movie, a 1966 drawing, which figured at MOCA among the artist's bibelotesque models, humorous themselves in their dinginess and kindergarten math.
Most critics believe that the town of Clichy--its dinginess, downtrodden inhabitants, and despair figures into the novel as the fictional town of La Garenne-Rancy, where an important episode takes place.
This thoroughness whose traditions have become so reflective, your distinction is merely a quill at the bottom of the sea tracing forever the fabulous alarms of the mute so that in the limpid tosses of your violet dinginess a pus appears and lingers like a groan from the collar of a reproachful tree whose needles are tired of howling.
I saw this riding north from Hermosillo, the dust-grimy dinginess of big Mexican cities, hazy with stinking emissions, littered by a general attitude that embraces flinging trash without guilt.
Glazed roof and walls transmit light into the ground floor concourse and down to the platforms below, mitigating the sense of dinginess and claustrophobia so often associated with London's existing tube stations.
I finished MacKinnon's book on the downtown subway, and as I left the subway station, I was eager for something different--for different words, a balance, a text to recolor the dinginess that this mix of MacKinnon and the city had produced.
physical and verbal aggression), dinginess, and fearfulness.
Teflon also is stain resistant, and reduces dinginess.