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dine out on (something)

1. To be invited to a social meal (especially dinner) because of something particularly interesting or entertaining that one knows or has experienced. He dined out on the story of his affair with the movie star for several months.
2. To entertain other people, especially at a meal, with a particularly interesting story of something one has experienced. I always dine out on the story of our mishaps in Bavaria—to this day, it still puts people in stitches!
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dine with Duke Humphrey

To go without dinner. The phrase refers to the story of a man who, while visiting the tomb of Duke Humphrey of Gloucester, was locked in the abbey—and thus missed dinner. A: "Why are you so hungry? Didn't you eat dinner?" B: "No, I got stuck in a meeting, so I dined with Duke Humphrey!"
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dine at (some place)

to eat at a place. We really like to dine at the small cafe on the corner. I hope we can dine at a fine restaurant for our anniversary.
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dine in

to eat at home rather than at a restaurant. I think we will dine in tonight. I am tired of dining in. Let's go out.
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dine off something

to make a meal of something; to make many meals of something. Do you think we can dine off the leg of lamb for more than one meal? I hope we dine off the turkey only one more time.
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dine on something

to eat something. We are dining on roast beef tonight. What will we be dining on tonight?
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eat (a meal) out

 and dine out
to eat a meal at a restaurant. I like to eat a meal out every now and then. Yes, it's good to eat out and try different kinds of food. It costs a lot of money to dine out often.
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eat out

to eat a meal away from home, as at a restaurant. I just love to eat out every now and then. Let's eat out tonight. I'm tired.
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eat something out

1. . to eat some kind of meal or a particular food away from home, as at a restaurant. We eat fish out, but we don't cook it at home. We may eat out a meal or two, but certainly not every meal.
2. [for something or an animal] to consume the inside of something. The ants ate the inside of the pumpkin out. The ants ate out the pumpkin.
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wine and dine someone

to treat someone to an expensive meal of the type that includes fine wines; to entertain someone lavishly. The lobbyists wined and dined the senators one by one in order to influence them. We were wined and dined every night and given the best hotel accommodations in town.
See also: and, dine, wine

wine and dine somebody

to entertain someone expensively The company wined and dined us, hoping to convince us we should accept the job.
See also: and, dine, wine

wine and dine somebody

to entertain someone by giving them an expensive meal and wine (usually passive) I'm an old-fashioned girl at heart - I like to be wined and dined on the first few dates.
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dine out on

Be invited to dinner because of something one knows about and can discuss. For example, "In a couple of years you will be dining out on this murder" (Ngaio Marsh, A Man Lay Dead, 1934). [First half of 1900s] Also see eat out; sing for one's supper.
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eat out

1. Have a meal outside one's home, usually at a restaurant. For example, We're almost out of groceries, so let's eat out tonight. [Second half of 1900s] For the antonym, see eat in.
2. eat someone out Also, eat someone up. Rebuke or scold someone sharply, as in He was always eating out the kids, or Why are you eating me up? I haven't done anything wrong. This slangy synonym for chew out probably originated as a euphemism for eat someone's ass out. It dates from the 1940s, the variant from the 1840s. Also see the subsequent entries beginning with eat out.
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wine and dine

Entertain someone or treat someone to a fine meal, as in The company likes to wine and dine visiting scientists. [Colloquial; mid-1800s]
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eat out

1. To eat at a restaurant or away from one's home: I'm tired of cooking; let's eat out tonight.
2. Vulgar Slang To perform cunnilingus on someone.
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38 percent of consumers plan to dine out on Mother's Day.
Whether they wish to enjoy more time in a specific port of call one day and dine later that evening, or whether they wish to keep a traditional set dining time, it's all about choice.
The 24-page, heavily illustrated magalog promoting the investment newsletter The Dines Letter impressed The Newsletter on Newsletters judges in the Newsletters Promotion Awards Competition enough to give it the 2003 Gold Award in the Investment Newsletter category.
You can't talk about objects in the early '60s without mentioning Dine (born in 1935) and his older colleagues, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, all rummaging around to see what object could be forced into a shotgun wedding with a canvas.
Whether they wish to enjoy more time in a specific port of call one day and dine later that evening than another, or whether they wish to keep a traditional set dining time, they will receive the same amazing service and enjoy the same menu.
At dinner, regulars like to dine out there because they are hidden.
DINE, LLC is a New Jersey limited liability company controlled by Scott M.
Two- thirds of people want to be a regular at a dinner establishment, one- third at a luncheon establishment and 15 percent of people want to be considered a regular where they dine for breakfast.
Members who dine at participating restaurants when benefits are being offered receive airline miles, or hotel points in the case of Priority Club(R) Rewards Dining, based on the entire check amount--including the cost of the meal, drinks, tip and taxes up to a $600 limit per restaurant per month--when charged to a credit or debit card that is registered with Rewards Network.
Children who dine at California Pizza Kitchen choose from an extensive menu, recently named "The Best Kids Menu in America" by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine.
By organizing Dine Out for Disaster Relief Day, Tony Roma's, the FRA, and other area businesses hope people will dine out which in turn will generate additional revenue for this fund.
a full-service provider of software and consulting solutions for data integration that includes data warehousing, business intelligence and data migration strategies to Fortune 1000 companies, announced today it has named Steve Dine as director of business intelligence.
By combining fresh ingredients with bold flavors to create menu selections, like El Pollo Loco's new Monterrey Pollo Salad(TM), that are both healthful and great-tasting, it's easy to dine out healthfully.