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Retaining all the charm and childish exuberance of the TV series, with a few surprises, the eponymous hero is his usual effervescent self while Patrick takes goofy dimwittedness to his usual comic extremes.
Patrick takes goofy dimwittedness to comic extremes, like when King Neptune tells SpongeBob to be back with my crown in exactly 10 days if he wants to save Krabs from execution.
The parallel with Elesin's ritual suicide is made fairly explicit for the audience; Jane's need of an explanation forces the audience to side with Olunde rather than her dimwittedness.
But however great a moron the current president is said to be, his dimwittedness pales beside that of Ronald Reagan.
In two shakes of a ram's tail Parkes contrived to chastise Watson for dimwittedness for leading with a sophomoric question and then, provocatively, to attack the founding document of Christianity.