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dim bulb

An unintelligent or slow-witted person. I explained this to you not once, but three times! Are you just a dim bulb, or what?
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dim down

[for the lights] to go dim. The lights dimmed down for a few seconds. Open the stage curtain when the house lights dim down.
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dim out

[for a light] to grow dim and go out altogether. The lights dimmed out twice during the storm. I was afraid that the lights would dim out completely.
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dim something down

to make lights dim; to use a dimmer to make the lights dimmer. Why don't you dim the lights down and put on some music? Let me dim down the lights and put on some music.
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dim something up

to use a dimmer to make the lights brighter. (Theatrical. A dimmer is a rheostat, variable transformer, or something similar. The expression, a seeming contradiction, is the opposite of dim something down.) As the curtain rose, the electrician dimmed the lights up on a beautiful scene. You dimmed up the lights too fast.
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take a dim view of someone or something

to disapprove of someone or something. Of all the boys, the teacher likes Dave the least. She takes a dim view of him. I take a dim view of that law.
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take a dim view (of something)

to disapprove of something Most bosses take a dim view of long lunches.
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take a dim view of

Regard disapprovingly, as in I take a dim view of meeting every single week. This idiom, which uses dim in the sense of "unfavorable," was first recorded in 1947
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n. the evening; the night. (Streets.) Where’ll you be this dim?

dim bulb

n. a dull person; a stupid person. George seems to be a dim bulb, but he’s a straight-A student.
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They can be dimmed, smoothly and without flicker or shimmer, to very low light levels--less than 1 percent--to create different lighting aesthetics in any space.
The highways boss said the street lighting unit had trialled the dimming of street lights on a small scale, most notably within the Peblig ward, Caernarfon where over 140 lights were replaced with dimmed lanterns.
LIGHTING on thousands of miles of motorways, trunk roads and city streets has been turned off or dimmed at night in order to save money and cut carbon emissions, according to an investigation by the Sunday Telegraph.
In the past, CFLs could not be dimmed in a conventional light socket due to the risk of overheating and the potential for fire.
Eddy suggested that the frigid conditions could have developed if the sun's total radiation had dimmed by only 1 percent.
Once programmed, the internal oscillator allows the I2C bus to be disconnected from the PCA953x or PCA955x with the LED continuing to be dimmed or blink, something not possible with normal GPIOs.
The first several eclipses dimmed Pluto's north polar region; later events blocked the planet's equatorial and south polar regions.
It tells you how to test the panel lights and adjust the PANEL LIGHTS knob so the lights are dimmed but still readable.
In combination with an ambient dimming system, current tests reveal substantial energy savings: 250W UNIDIM ballasts dimmed to 50% of lamp power can save up to 170W over a standard core and coil ballast.
STI's proprietary Lumen IQ(TM) technology allows street lights to be remotely turned on/off or dimmed at specified times, which results in significant energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and light pollution.