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The difference is that the Dimber women cannot see the creatures and therefore do not understand that they are sentient beings, thinking of them only as magical forces to be used for the witches' own means.
Bockarie MJ, Tisch DJ, Kastens W, Alexander ND, Dimber Z, Bockarie F, et al.
AM disgusted at Newton Emerson's line: "If NIO education chiefs were any dimber they couldn't get a place in any secondary school.
Dimbers fears that the only question he will be asked will be "what are you looking at?
Installing the stand looks easy enough, and undoubtedly it will fit solidly onto trees unsuited for either hang-ons or dimbers.
Then again, when Naomi Campbell, Sir Richard Attenborough and the Spice Girls go weak-kneed in his presence, maybe we can forgive Dimbers being so star-struck.