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digress from (something)

To begin to discuss something other than the current topic or issue. You totally digress from your argument in this paragraph, so cut it from your paper.
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digress from something

[for a speaker or writer] to stray from the subject. I am going to digress from my prepared text. You will pardon me if I digress from my point a little.
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Unfortunately, Rishoi all too often digresses from literary criticism in order to grind her ideological axe.
However, the story line later digresses and becomes confusing and cryptic.
Nevertheless, Nuttall often digresses from his central thesis -- e.
Discussing the play's historical background, she digresses briefly into an account of the Fugitive Slave Act, the Missouri Compromise and the ramifications of the Mexican-American War and the late Industrial Revolution.
The SVA student returns and digresses and then something like a public-service announcement occurs in which little plastic monsters try to convince anyone watching that cute toy bunnies are really "machines of destruction.