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n. [someone’s] telephone number. Give me your digits, and I’ll call you.
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double digits

n. the range of numerals from 10 though 99. When Billy moved into the double digits, he had some behavior problems, but when he was nineteen he sort of straightened out.
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We've been working with the Digit team since the company was founded and have been very impressed with the vision and understanding of games industry.
Pelvic digit as a rare cause of chronic hip pain and functional impairment: a case report and review of the literature.
Configured as a SAN at Digit Digit's facility, SpycerBox unites both image data and metadata storage in a five HU chassis only.
When we mark one digit from each column with a dot and connect the dots to look at the figure formed we will always get a triangle or a straight line.
After an extensive search of the literature, we could not find any discussion of the properties for the highest digit in any base b that we discuss below.
The right-most digit of this sum is the second digit.
Lt Col Al Bogham said that more than 90 per cent of the last patch of the double digit plate numbers like 87 and 76 have also been sold out.
During this time, local calls can be made by dialing either seven or 10 digits.
Keywords: on-line digit recognition, pattern recognition, feature extraction, structural primitives, document processing, transition networks
Biopharmaceutical sales accounted for 35% of LAS's revenue and grew in the low single digits, including mid-single digit growth for molecular spectroscopy products.
From the term of this sequence, it is seen that the trailing digit (units digit) repeats the pattern.
Written in base 2, such a number consists simply of the digit 1 repeated p times.
Yet riskier strategies involving daring acquisitions, bold innovations or breakthrough business models--and have created potent strategies for driving fast growing companies that achieve double digit growth.
For example, the numeral 1 should occur as the first digit in any multiple-digit number about 31% of the time, while 9 should occur as the first digit only 5% of the time.