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gold digger

A person who only pursues romantic relationships with wealthy partners for financial gain. Scott's friends warned him that Tracy was a gold digger and was only interested in marrying him for his money.
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(as) cold as a welldigger's ass (in January)

rude slang Very cold. I am so sick of being cold as a welldigger's ass all winter long—that's why I'm moving to Florida.
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gold digger

n. a woman who pays attention to a man solely because of his wealth. (Certainly also applicable to men as well.) Sam called Sally a “gold digger,” and she was devastated.
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hole digger

n. a lowly ditch digger; a common laborer. (As disparaging as burger-flipper.) Yo want to spend the rest of your life as a drunken hole digger?
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Elcomsoft Password Digger is a Windows tool to decrypt information stored in Mac OS X keychains.
The digger was spinning around with the two performers clinging precariously to its arm when it hit a lighting rig, which started to topple on to the crowd.
However, it is thought some gangs are using the telescopic type machines rather then diggers so they can reach the machines.
From grave diggers mason and part time labourers earn reasonable income in these days by coating graves with mud mixed with husk.
PRESSURE: SFX FC played out a thriller against Digger FC
Most of us guys that drive the trucks grew up watching what Grave Digger has become.
Grant Mulholland, who owns The Incredible Roll Inn on nearby Whitehall Crescent, said: "There was a digger underneath the roof as though the arm the digger was keeping it up.
Digger adores children but would be best with children over 10 years.
When the grave digger went to the home of the couple's son George Kosis he also showed him the stainless steel surgical instrument.
Pc Tim Griffiths said: "The digger was fitted with a tracking device which was a massive help.
The scoop on the digger - known as the metal pecker - blue and 1.
The impact caused the digger to overturn and the Toyota driven by the 25-year-old to collide with a minibus.
She added: "Crews used rope rescue equipment as well as equipment from the technical rescue unit to stabilise the man and the digger, before he was released and taken care of by paramedics.
The revelation of the identity of the pair and the climactic union of both parties brings the quest to a satisfying and surprising conclusion that sets up an appreciation of the facsimile diary of Digger Ben which follows.
Outside my window the digger, digging, plunges the spade, with target