dig for

dig for (something)

1. Literally, to dig in search of something that has been buried. My dog has been digging for something out in the yard all morning—I wonder if he buried a bone.
2. By extension, to investigate in an attempt to uncover information about someone or something, often negative information. I've been digging for scandalous information on her but have been unsuccessful so far.
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dig for something

1. Lit. to excavate to find something that is buried. They are digging along the river bank for a special kind of clay. I want to dig for gold in Alaska.
2. Fig. to go to great pains to uncover information of some kind. The police were digging for some important information while they questioned Mike "Fingers" Moran. There is no point in digging further for the name of the inventor. I have it right here.
See also: dig
References in classic literature ?
THERE comes a time in every rightly- constructed boy's life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure.
The map that tells where we are to dig for the idol of gold
They are more likely to dig for two reasons: They are behaviorally more like wolves--and wolves are avid diggers--and Huskies have heavy coats that cause them to suffer more from the heat than a thin-coated dog.
For Sky Jack, a California-bred son of Jaklin Klugman, the task grew slightly more complicated with the surprise late entry of Dig for It, a 7-year-old with a measure of early speed.
I'd rather he wasn't in there,'' O'Neill said of Dig for It, who will be ridden by Alex Solis.
The state's own attorney general, Scott Harshbarger, teamed up with Boston's Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) and sued every agency involved in the Big Dig for their failure to keep their promises about improving the city's bus and transit lines.
Dogs will dig for many reasons including boredom, foraging or hunting rodents, and creating a cool place to lie down.
Futural, the slight favorite (both were 8-5 on the odds board) finished last and Skimming brushed off an early push by long shot Dig for It and a mild stretch run by Dixie Dot Com to win by a race-record 5 1/2 lengths in 1 minute, 59.
Dig for It started well, too well for Gomez's liking, but by the first turn Skimming took charge.
Simi Valley High School has played host to the dig for the past few years.
Dogs will dig for many reasons including boredom, foraging/hunting rodents and creating a cool place to lie down.
Justin and his fourth-grade classmates at Woodlake Avenue Elementary School on Tuesday relished the rare opportunity to dig for artifacts and analyze their finds - right on campus.
The best part of it is learning about the animals and wildlife and about fossils and how to dig for them,'' said Steven Shisley, who joined fellow 10-year-old, Evan Stanoff, on Justin's archeological team.