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diffuse (something) through (something)

To scatter or spread through a particular place or thing. Is there something I can use to the diffuse the sunlight through this area for the photo? A second air conditioner should help to diffuse cold air throughout the entire house.
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diffuse something through something (else)

to distribute or scatter something through something else. The chemical process diffused the purple color through the liquid. Let us try to diffuse the medication through the bloodstream as rapidly as possible.
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diffuse through something

to spread or scatter through something. The smell diffused through the office through the ventilating system. The dye diffused through the water rapidly.
See also: diffuse, through
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The estimated annual value of the contract is 90 000 EUR HT (distributed as follows 60 000 EUR HT for the treatment and 30 000 EUR HT for the collection volumes diffuse specific waste is indicative.
2001) found that among youth experiencing an identity crisis, those with a diffuse identity style were more likely to exhibit disorders of conduct, emotion, and hyperactivity as a way of escaping the identity crisis.
CSF aims to reduce the level of diffuse pollution in rivers, groundwater and other aquatic habitats, which evidence shows to have been caused by farming operations.
By using HESS to measure the gamma-ray spectra emitted by relatively close blazars, they evaluated the effect of the interaction of highly energetic gamma rays with the diffuse extragalactic background light within a sphere of a three billion light year radius.
The thorax CT presentation of BAC includes a solitary peripheral nodule, lobar consolidation, multiple nodules or diffuse infiltrate involving one or more segments of the lungs [8].
Three of the five responses were in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
On a visit to Clarbeston Grange Farm last week to see the work in progress, Mr Jones said he was encouraged by the positive response of farmers like Nigel James to tackle the damage caused by diffuse pollution to wildlife and biodiversity.
Participants with diffuse lesions, compared with subjects with no lesions, were older, reported more falls, and had worse physical and cognitive performance.
This paper presents methods by which existing solar optical models for systems of specular glazing layers can be extended to include the effect of layers that create scattered, specifically diffuse, radiation in reflection and/or transmission.
T 525 om-06 Diffuse brightness of paper, paperboard and pulp (d/0)
Chest radiograph showed diffuse bilateral consolidation, and an abdominal ultrasound showed an enlarged liver.
Adding a further layer of lush visual and physical texture, plant-covered pergolas (parrones) are also used to diffuse light, temper the climate and create shade.
In addition, they offer four different sensing modes, including diffuse for part identification; diffuse with background suppression for part configuration and placement; retro-reflective for parts verification and counting; and thru-beam versions for part sizing and position information.
One simple way to do this is to diffuse therapeutic-grade essential oils.