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bad times

Times of trouble, struggle, or unhappiness. I've had bad times since losing my job, but I'm trying to stay positive.
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difficult is done at once; the impossible takes a little longer

Situations that are very challenging or seem hopeless take longer to complete than ones that are merely difficult. Kate is undeterred by any problem I bring her. She truly embraces the idea that difficult is done at once; the impossible takes a little longer.

bad times

 and difficult times; trying times; hard times; tough times
a period that offers difficulties, such as when there is not enough food, money, or work. We went through trying times when Perry was out of work, but we all bounced back.
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difficult is done at once; the impossible takes a little longer

Prov. Tasks that are only difficult are done immediately, harder tasks take longer. (Describes a very competent group or person.) The secretary in our office is extremely capable. She has a little sign on her desk that says, "The difficult is done at once; the impossible takes a little longer." In her case, it's not a joke.

make life ˈdifficult (for somebody)

cause problems for somebody: She does everything she can to make life difficult for him.
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tread a difficult, solitary, etc. ˈpath

choose and follow a particular way of life, way of doing something, etc: A restaurant has to tread the tricky path between maintaining quality and keeping prices down.
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Of course, I recognise the difficultly in reaching a Heineken Cup final.
We are all aware the EU cannot remain an oasis of democracy, peace and well-being if events in Northern Africa develop difficultly and dramatically.
The problem was that we had difficultly finding space up front because Liverpool defended very well with three players in the middle and we didn't find the right way to attack them," the Sun quoted Ancelotti, as saying.
help facilitate the smooth process of this very difficultly lauunched direct
The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post on Wednesday cited two unidentified sources involved in the offering as saying AgBank s two state shareholders -- the Ministry of Finance and Central Huijin -- wanted AgBank to postpone its listing as it was having difficultly drumming up interest in the sale.
Israeli leaders themselves are to blame for the growing difficultly to make the distinction.
And bolt fastening and locking mechanisms tailored to roof-mounted systems can be added without too much difficultly.
4) Endoscopy is helpful in removing the larvae, especially in the deepest and most difficultly accessible parts of the affected area.
He said Mangla Dam would completely dry by 2012 while Tarbela Dam will difficultly receive enough water by 2014 to operate the wheel of power production as well as agriculture.
Withiam-Leitch encountered difficultly in the delivery.
The NYSE lowered the requirements not specifically because of McClatchy, but because so many of its constituents have had difficultly meeting the thresholds in these troubled economic times.
VHCs are advantageous for patients who have difficultly coordinating their inspiration with the activation of the inhaler, such as children and the elderly.
With 238 lawmakers, the Maoist former rebels have a dominant presence in the 601-member parliament, and so a government without their participation would have difficultly functioning.
The main difficultly was gaining access at that time because everything was locked up.
At the moment, the age ranges that we are having the most difficultly in trying to get to come into the library are young adults and teenagers.