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differentiate between (someone or something and someone or something else)

1. to recognize the difference between people or things in any combination. (Usually refers to two entities.) In your painting, I cannot differentiate between the costume of the figure in front and the flowers in the background. Can't you differentiate between Billy and his brother? I can't differentiate between a donkey and a burro.
2. to establish or create the difference between people or things. Why don't you paint in some highlights to differentiate between the figure in the foreground and the flowers in the background?
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differentiate (someone or something) from (someone or something else)

1. to recognize the difference between people and things; to tell the difference between people and things. How do you differentiate this one from that one? Can you differentiate Bill from Bob?
2. to make people and things different. I will differentiate this one from that one by painting this one red. The twins' mother used different-colored clothing to differentiate Bill from Bob.
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Spheres are made up primarily of pluripotential progenitor cells that are capable of differentiating into cell types from the three germ layers.
The model is based upon the concepts of customer quality and provides a means by which to discern essential and differentiating product attributes.
This will set up a challenging market that rewards those banks with thoughtful and differentiating strategies, critical investments in people and systems, and a laser-beam focus on attracting and retaining customers.
As an enhanced services platform controlled through SIP, CCXML/VoiceXML, or the Carrius API, Compleat allows solution developers to focus on differentiating their services while it manages their telephony functions.
The CT Neuro Engine can assist in evaluating complex vascular structures by subtracting bones, differentiating brain tumors and diagnosing strokes, all in less than ten minutes.
Having an executable reference for 50% of the modem functionality lets us focus on the differentiating components of our HSDPA algorithms.
The firm can also combine differentiating brand work and strong usability in a single site, as evidenced by reference work that earned high scores in both those areas as well as high praise from the client who paid for it.
We work hard to ensure that our differentiating capability is ready as opportunities mature," said Raymond.
Moreover, the telomerase-immortalized HEF1 cells still responded to osteogenic inductive factors and were capable of differentiating into fully mature osteoblasts (bone-producing cells).
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