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Since early in this century, governments have used a different financial reporting model than the private sector uses.
Generally, the pricing of insurance is focused on the supply side of the economic equation, with little emphasis placed on the demand for insurance or the willingness of different market segments to insure at different prices.
I remember sitting in this room interviewing people who were talking about what it meant for them to be HIV-positive, to be Latino, all these different things.
However, the groups of people considered to be of different races have allelic differences of at most 15 percent, too little to constitute subspecies.
What may make a professional's experience somewhat different than that of some full-time students?
Discuss how different pulping processes produce different types of pulp.
In order to understand a child and his/her learning we have to analyze the context and influence of culture on the child's process of thinking, since the culture stimulates the behavior of children and influences their learning by exposing them to different values, norms and demands.
The multiple alignments showed 11 different alleles for hspA (designated H1a,b,c,d; H2a,b,c,d; H3a,b,c) and six different alleles for glmM (designated G1; G2a,b; G3a,b; G4).
Huntington's central concern is that 35 years of heavy migration has established a large Hispanic population in the United States that is substantially different from earlier immigrant groups.
Recognizing that cross-communication and cooperation among different research labs is essential to realizing the potential of genomic science for toxicology, the NIEHS earmarked $37 million to establish the Toxicogenomics Research Consortium (TRC) in November 2001.
I repeated the explanation about why training on our policies and procedures was important, observed that administrative work is very different from clinical work and requires different skills, and asked him to give the training protocol a chance.
However, different customers might need different forms of FC support depending on their price sensitivity, the amount of physical space available for their servers, and how often they'll need to upgrade their infrastructure.
In our comment "Medicines for the World: A Way Forward" in this issue, we show that this situation is not inevitable, and propose incentives for a different business model that could make for-profit treatment development work better in an inequitable world.
Yet visitors to the official bookstores in Grand Canyon National Park are now treated to a different view: the view espoused by creationists who believe these rocks were deposited and the canyon was carved in a twinkling during Noah's Flood.