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I did all their routines for six weeks and came out feeling wonderful.
The technical people were able to answer questions on tax issues, but when asked about a printer problem, it took them several minutes to determine that the DOS version did not support most inkjet printers.
I realized that even the teachers of English literature and the humanities did not write, and they didn't know anybody who wrote.
The employee gets frustrated answering questions about details that he already considered or did not feel were significant.
Did you ever think that you would be compiling a modern-day breviary?
We have much better control over understanding the dynamics of what we're doing in a portfolio today than we did three years ago or five years ago or 10 years ago.
Clearly, the developers did more than design a DOS program to work under Windows.
The department did not emphasize effectiveness evaluations because program expansion was its primary objective," the GAO report tersely stated.
What effect did assessment and care planning have in reducing incontinence?
Sell-side analysts (brokerage firm and investment bank employees who provide earnings estimates and research recommendations to investment managers and investors) generally tended to report more negative experiences with, and feelings about, the effects of Regulation FD than did their counterparts on the buy side (analysts and portfolio managers who work for investment funds, banks and insurance companies and make investment recommendations or decisions for their clients).
Did you force another relative to host Thanksgiving so you didn't have to clean house?
On the road doing our thing, that is until Pitbull stole it from me and did his thing with "Culo.
We are, in fact, very different, because Hank did a fantastic job with internal growth and by becoming very international in young countries where we were not.