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have swallowed a dictionary

To be apt to incorporate long, difficult words into one's speech. That guy sounds like he's swallowed a dictionary—none of the kids can follow what he's saying.
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a walking dictionary


a walking encyclopedia

If you describe someone as a walking dictionary or a walking encyclopedia, you mean that they know a lot of words or facts. She raised five of us on her own and she's a walking dictionary. He was a walking encyclopedia of music, full of wit and charm. Note: People sometimes use other words instead of dictionary or encyclopedia. He's a walking database on anything relating to insurance.
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have swallowed a dictionary

use long and obscure words when speaking. informal
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a walking ˈdictionary, encycloˈpedia, etc.

(informal) used to describe a human or living example of the thing mentioned: Geoff is a walking encyclopedia. He knows about everything.She’s a walking dictionary (= she knows a lot of words).
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swallow the dictionary

tv. to acquire an enormous vocabulary. (Usually in the past tense.) My uncle says I’ve swallowed the dictionary. That’s because I know so many big words.
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Becker compiled and published from Delhi in 1980 a dictionary that is truly unique.
Compiled by Shanul Haq Haqqee and published by National Language Authority in 1995, this dictionary of pronunciation has been reprinted recently.
The President said maintaining a dictionary was not only an academic activity but a technical matter as well.
He said languages were subject to change by absorbing new words with time and called upon the Urdu Dictionary Board to prepare itself as a vibrant institution to address these challenges of future.
He expressed his satisfaction at the digitalisation of Urdu dictionary as it would help the new generation gain a detailed understanding of the language.
The president lauded the efforts of Advisor to Prime Minister on National History and Literary Heritage, Irfan Siddiqui, under whose patronage Editor-in-chief of Urdu Dictionary Board Aqeel Abbas Jaffery achieved the digitalisation of 22 editions of the dictionary.
He announced that a concise Urdu dictionary for daily usage will also be compiled soon to facilitate students and masses.
The main objective behind establishing this institute was to compile an authentic and state of the art Urdu dictionary.
Irfan Siddiqui said that in view of making the dictionary highly accessible to common man and students, he envisioned the project named 'Computerisation of Urdu Dictionary, Software Development for Mobile Phones, Web hosting and Establishment of Server Room', which was completed with a cost of Rs13.
He informed that the dictionary comprised 22 editions with 1,000 pages each, and having 264,000 words typed in Naskh font.
A word gets into a dictionary when it is used by many people who all agree that it means the same thing," the blog post explained.
Although above-mentioned dictionary learning methods have achieved good classification results, labels of these dictionary atoms are predefined and fixed, which may not be able to accurately interpret true structure of data.
The main ingredient for implementation of above model is to choice of dictionary i.
The task of reviewing and revising the content of The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal has always been serious business, befitting the central role that the content of the book holds in the body of knowledge of the valuation profession.