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dictated but not read

Copied into text through dictation but not written or proofread by the author. (Sometimes shortened to "dictated, not read.") Used as a warning that said text requires extra attention, as it may not read exactly as intended by the author. It always aggravates me to receive a letter marked as "dictated but not read"—if a person wants to write something to me, the least they could do is check it beforehand to make sure it's correct!
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dictate to (one)

1. To speak to one who will reproduce the message in a written document. In this usage, "dictate to" is a set phrase. I just finished dictating that memo to my secretary, and she is typing it up right now.
2. To exert control over someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "dictate" and "to." Don't try to dictate the terms of this contract to me! I have a say in it too, you know.
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dictate (something) to someone

1. to speak out words to someone who writes them down; to speak words into a recording device to be written down later by someone. Walter dictated a letter to his secretary. Please come in so I can dictate to you.
2. to lay out or spell out the exact terms of something to someone; to act as a dictator. You can't dictate the rules to us. Please don't dictate to me.
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dictate to

1. To say or read something aloud to someone, especially for it to be written down or notated: The executive dictated the letter to the secretary.
2. To issue orders or commands to someone: The manager dictated the new company policy to the staff.
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The chief operating officer at the Bank of England, Charlotte Hogg, has stated that McKinsey was not dictating the review or strategy at the UK's central bank.
Individual boards are dictating certain things and that's something I can't agree with," he added.
Creating a note in PowerNote is quite similar to dictating a note and corresponds closely to the routine employed by physicians to document a procedure.
For example, spend time waiting in line dictating thoughts into a tape recorder.
By creating a system of obscenity law based on "community standards," Chief Justice Warren Burger was trying to prevent the standards of acceptability in New York City or San Francisco from dictating the standards of Kansas City or Norman, Oklahoma.
We do not expect that it would be any different if regulations were to be passed dictating scrap rubber use back into tires or other rubber products.
The code covers HVAC, plumbing, lighting and electricity and the building envelope, and has a number of provisions dictating that the substantial portion of a renovation -- usually 50 percent of more of a system measured in units appropriate to that system -- must follow the code.
After you finish dictating, you can transfer the text from the Express Editor to the desired application quickly and easily by voice.
The First Amendment prohibits your government from dictating what you must believe and thus keeps religious belief free and private between you, your families and your communities.
Designed specifically for the legal professional and their support staff, MacSpeech Dictate Legal empowers dictating text directly into applications, and issuing numerous commands by voice, on the Macintosh.
Burns died March 9, a day after dictating the note.
Designed specifically for the medical and dental professional and their support staff, MacSpeech Dictate Medical empowers dictating text directly into applications and practice management systems, and issuing numerous commands by voice, on the Macintosh.
Now for the first time, Mac users can begin dictating straight into their applications with very little time spent training the software to recognize their voice.
Users press one button on the smartphone to open infinite possibilities: effortlessly navigating a large music collection, quickly conducting Web searches, dictating emails, having incoming mail read aloud, and more.
Physicians can interact with the system in whatever method they are most comfortable with - dictating via phone, microphone or mobile recording device - and can choose to delegate the final editing of the speech-recognized report to a transcriptionist or self-complete the document.