dictate to (one)

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dictate to (one)

1. To speak to one who will reproduce the message in a written document. In this usage, "dictate to" is a set phrase. I just finished dictating that memo to my secretary, and she is typing it up right now.
2. To exert control over someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "dictate" and "to." Don't try to dictate the terms of this contract to me! I have a say in it, too, you know.
See also: dictate

dictate (something) to someone

1. to speak out words to someone who writes them down; to speak words into a recording device to be written down later by someone. Walter dictated a letter to his secretary. Please come in so I can dictate to you.
2. to lay out or spell out the exact terms of something to someone; to act as a dictator. You can't dictate the rules to us. Please don't dictate to me.
See also: dictate

dictate to

1. To say or read something aloud to someone, especially for it to be written down or notated: The executive dictated the letter to the secretary.
2. To issue orders or commands to someone: The manager dictated the new company policy to the staff.
See also: dictate
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But if we let everybody dictate to us and dictate how we feel then we're weak, all of us.
Now we're rock bottom, but if we let everybody dictate to us how we feel, then we're weak - all of us.
At saka, ang hirap kasi dito, ayaw niyang mag-attend doon at ayaw niyang harapin 'yung katotohanan (She can't dictate to us.
It's time the EU negotiators accept we are leaving the union and that they can't dictate to us.
Well, I for one wasn't fooled as I just don't want Europe to dictate to us how we live our lives from the shape of the food we eat to the laws our courts have to abide by.
Shakeel Afridi is a Pakistani citizen and nobody else has the right to dictate to us about his future, commented the Interior Minister.
Nobody could possibly dictate to us for Taef Accord craves to be implemented along with effecting administrative decentralization against the backdrop of establishing a Senate deemed essential for a fair confessional representation, Rifi concluded.
Perhaps its time for a clear out of councillors and officers and get in fresh people who understand the role of a parish council - to serve us not dictate to us.
This action would allow the United Nations to dictate to us what to do in regard to our industries, and it would impose harsh regulations on our businesses and industries.
With the weather conditions easing and abating tomorrow, that will give firefighters, for the first time, the upper hand where we will have full control of the fire," he told the ABC, adding that "The weather won't dictate to us and it certainly will allow us to strengthen all containment lines and hopefully over the next two days declare our fire controlled.
We will not accept attempts to dictate to us unilateral moves on a limited timetable," the Israeli leader said before flying to Italy.
That's why we set out last week the way we would change our relationship with the European Court of Human Rights, so that under a majority Conservative Government it couldn't dictate to us what our laws should be.
Ariel added in the interview, "There is no area where we will not build, and there is no area where will allow someone to dictate to us whether or not to build.
On 29 May, French President Francois Hollande said that "the European Commission cannot dictate to us what we have to do".