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dictated but not read

Copied into text through dictation but not written or proofread by the author. (Sometimes shortened to "dictated, not read.") Used as a warning that said text requires extra attention, as it may not read exactly as intended by the author. It always aggravates me to receive a letter marked as "dictated but not read"—if a person wants to write something to me, the least they could do is check it beforehand to make sure it's correct!
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dictate to (one)

1. To speak to one who will reproduce the message in a written document. In this usage, "dictate to" is a set phrase. I just finished dictating that memo to my secretary, and she is typing it up right now.
2. To exert control over someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "dictate" and "to." Don't try to dictate the terms of this contract to me! I have a say in it, too, you know.
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dictate (something) to someone

1. to speak out words to someone who writes them down; to speak words into a recording device to be written down later by someone. Walter dictated a letter to his secretary. Please come in so I can dictate to you.
2. to lay out or spell out the exact terms of something to someone; to act as a dictator. You can't dictate the rules to us. Please don't dictate to me.
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dictate to

1. To say or read something aloud to someone, especially for it to be written down or notated: The executive dictated the letter to the secretary.
2. To issue orders or commands to someone: The manager dictated the new company policy to the staff.
See also: dictate
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The act is clear about who dictates the delivery of content to the deposit libraries: "where a work is published or made available to the public in different formats, (to) provide for the format in which any copy is to be delivered to be determined in accordance with requirements specified (generally or in a particular case) by the deposit libraries or any of them" (Queen's Printer of Acts of Parliament, 2003b, Section 6).
Pre-recording--Using a digital recorder, one can dictate on the run and then convert to text for memo later using the voice recognition software.
has been too dainty about its global role, too hesitant to assert its authority and dictate political and economic terms.
While the Confederacy gave doctors legal authority to control nurses' actions, male surgeons failed to consistently regulate, coordinate, or dictate the rhythms and patterns of work.
In arguing its case before the Third Circuit, the IRS "disavow(ed) any argument that the financial accounting standards should dictate tax treatment.
I can now open the Dictate program, blab away, format the text using dictated commands, and cut and paste into another window such as Word or e-mail--without touching my keyboard.
IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT future, data will be entered into tiny personal digital assistants, allowing a user to create a spreadsheet, dictate a letter and send a fax, all with voice commands--while riding in a taxi.
Nuance's Powerful Dragon Voice Recognition for Mac Delivers Increased Accuracy and More Features than Ever Before; Create Content, Dictate Text, and Command and Control Favorite Features and Apps Just by Speaking
has unveiled Dragon Dictate for Mac, version 4 personalized voice recognition software for the Mac.
today announced DragonA Dictate for Mac 3, the most powerful, accurate and personalized voice recognition software for the Mac available on the market today.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-December 23, 2011-Avatron unveils Air Dictate app(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
I do not believe any country should be able to dictate to the rest of the world," Fox Sports quoted Holding, as saying.
US technology firm MacSpeech Inc said on Tuesday that its Macintosh speech recognition solution MacSpeech Dictate is now available in Germany, France and Italy as localised multi-language editions.
Speech recognition specialists MacSpeech Inc today announced the availability of localised versions of its MacSpeech Dictate application for Germany, France and Italy.
He was required to use a Mac because of his business environment but really needed to dictate because of his very poor typing skills.