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They started calling all of us "Commander," in English, instead of whatever's Farsi for "Hey Dickhead," and a day or two later the gamy long johns magically appeared on my pillow.
Jon Stewart, who I credit with popularizing one of my fave could-go-either-way descriptors, "Jewy," was there early with "Hebe," tooin 2000, long before Heeb magazine was pondering calling Joe Lieberman a dickhead (though, of course, that was before Joe Lieberman was a dickhead), Stewart titled a segment about Hillary Clinton's alleged anti-Semitism "Hebe Said, She Said.
Bullshit was unacceptable on a police drama because it was "vulgar, graphic and explicit," but dickhead was OK because it was "not sufficiently vulgar, explicit, or graphic.
Here's a lethal title for the stage version of Bogosian's novel: Portrait of she Artist as a Dickhead.
Son of a bitch, prick, asshole, dickhead," Connie raged--she had just used her cell phone to call Johnny Bobcat, only to have a computer voice tell her that the number was no longer in service.
He is legit deathly afraid of cats, and I feel kinda like a dickhead putting him out there for that but you asked the question.
If there was a dickhead that night, it was me," MP Aaron Gilmore reflecting on how he got intoxicated and called a waiter a 'dickhead' at the Heritage Hotel in Hamner Springs.
I was calling myself all sorts of nasty names for slipping off the football-betting wagon again (idiot, dickhead, mug, knob, dumbo, dipstick, spanner, plonker, prat, loser, numbskull, sausage, etc) and wondering whether I'll ever develop the quality of willpower.
Miss Mansoori told the court: "Mr Myatt claimed Mr Watts' legal claim was crap, that Mr Watts was an arsehole, a money merchant, a monkey merchant and a raving dickhead.
He says: "A lot of people think I'm a bit of an idiot, a bit of a dickhead, and I want to prove that I'm not.
You were a dickhead player and you're the same as a coach.
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It was simple, explained Egmond: "We have a strict no dickhead policy at this club.