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Dicey and Rand Conclusion: Fulfilling the Aspirations of Legality as Reason
Jennings acutely observed that, from 'the Whig point of view', Dicey saw the constitution as 'an instrument for protecting the fundamental rights of the citizen, and not as an instrument for enabling the community to provide services for the benefit of its citizens,' (69) though, to complete one's understanding of Dicey's position, one should add that Dicey, for reasons he thought good, wanted to keep it the way he saw it.
Dickey is back and as dicey as ever in his eighth book.
One word of caution: The area around the subway stop is dicey, to say the least, so keep your hand on your wallet until you get to rue des Rosiers, where the different antique markets are located.
In any case, the pricing dynamics alone make predicting the strength of the auto industry dicey at best.
Dicey Tillerman, barely a teen, is the oldest sister of three.
Everything in "Kin" starts with disorientation, introduced by a geographical displacement when Dicey comes to visit her cousin Kate.
Case in point -- a majority of the real estate sector cards chosen at random from two Rolodexes shared the title "director," From "senior managing director" to "senior executive managing director" to "director," determining who is above whom can be very dicey.
But predicting volcanic eruptions remains a dicey science.
It's a dicey proposition to say that direct foreign investments are OK without referencing citations supporting that--for example, letter rulings, Department of Labor advisory opinions, court decisions or IRS regulations.
Will the Mexican corporate miracle continue straight through this dicey presidential election year?
The use of a new characterization for Supreme Court doctrine is always a dicey proposition.
Even so, other researchers agree that taking echinacea--in any form--could be a dicey proposition for some.