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dibs on something

a claim on something. I've got dibs on the yellow one! Dibs on the front seat!
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have dibs on something

to reserve something for oneself; to claim something for oneself. (Often said by children.) I have dibs on the last piece of cake. John has dibs on the last piece again. It isn't fair.
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put one's dibs on something

to lay a claim to something; to announce one's claim to something. She put her dibs on the last piece of cake. I put my dibs on the seat by the window.
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(first) dibs on something

to have the right to do or get hold of something I had first dibs on dessert and took the pie.
Usage notes: usually used with the verb get or as an interjection: Dibs on the ice cream!
See also: dibs, on

have dibs on something

  (American informal)
to make it clear that something belongs to you or that you should be the next person to use something I have dibs on the Sunday paper.
See also: dibs, have, on

have dibs on

Have a first claim on something, as in If you don't want it, I have dibs on the next available apartment. This term was originally schoolyard slang. [c. 1930]
See also: dibs, have, on

dibs on something

phr. a claim on something. Dibs on the front seat!
See also: dibs, on
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