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soil (one's) diaper(s)

To defecate into the diaper one is wearing. Primarily heard in US, Canada. Uh oh, I think Tommy just soiled his diaper. I'd better go change it. I just hope I don't live so long that I end up in some nursing home soiling my diapers.
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soil one's diaper(s)

[for a baby] to excrete waste into its diaper. The baby soiled his diapers. I detect that someone has soiled his diaper.
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We are excited to bring the sub-$l disposable sensor into the diaper market.
None of the diaper tables had dispensers of disposable hygiene sheets to spread on the table and only two tables had wet towels to clean the table before using it.
To assist with securing the diaper in even the most challenging of circumstances, Dog Quality also recently launched Stretchable Straps that secure to a dog's harness and then to the diaper or band keeping them in place even overnight.
based National Diaper Bank Network's active membership includes more than 300 diaper banks, diaper pantries and food banks in 47 states and the District of Columbia.
The medical literature documents an increased risk of diaper dermatitis with cloth diaper use.
The preemie diapers feature gentle, specially sized fasteners and a narrow, absorbent pad to provide a flexible fit so that the baby can be comfortably positioned in a fetal tuck, with arms and legs close to the body.
The declining birth rate in developed countries is the key factor restraining the growth of the baby diaper segment of the market.
This Father's Day, Huggies is also teaming up with the City Dads Group and The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) to engage parents on skin health and diaper need.
As a young family that frequently looks to your magazine for sustainable-living ideas, we wanted to share some benefits of using cloth diapers with your readers.
Still, a large number of people look down on individuals who choose or need to wear diapers to manage their bedwetting.
This expected wet diaper guideline extrapolates to 2,555 diapers needed per year (7 diapers/365 days) with a total annual cost of approximately $945.
In 2009, these diaper banks caught the attention of Huggies, an international diaper and wipes company.
He notes that if a smaller child is given a diaper meant for a larger child the gait would again suffer.
Ferdock, too, views the Internet as a critical diaper marketing tool.