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honey-do list

A list or collection of tasks or jobs one has been requested to perform or undertake, especially household duties or jobs, given to a person by their spouse or romantic partner. It is a pun on "honeydew" (a fruit), with "honey" referring to a common term of endearment, and "do" referring to a "to-do list." All I want to do on the weekends is relax, but my husband always has some honey-do list for me.
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euphemism Dog feces. If you're going to take the dog for a walk, be sure to take some bags with you for the dog-doo.

mountain dew

1. obsolete slang Scotch whiskey. My grandfather had me and my sister totally perplexed when he asked us to get him a glass of mountain dew with a splash of water in it.
2. obsolete slang Any home-distilled liquor; moonshine. My great-uncle was apparently notorious for supplying the whole region with mountain dew back during prohibition.
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shake the dew off the lily

euphemism To urinate. Said of or by a man. Excuse me a moment, I just need to go shake the dew off the lily.
See also: dew, lily, off, shake


and dog-dew and dog-do (ˈdɔgdu)
n. dog dung. When the snow melts, the sidewalks are covered with dog-doo.



knock the dew off the lily

and shake the dew off the lily
phr. [for a male] to urinate, especially first thing in the morning. (The dew is urine.) He’s up and into the bathroom, knocking the dew off the lily long before I even get my eyes open. I gotta go shake the dew off the lily before I explode.
See also: dew, knock, lily, off

shake the dew off the lily

See also: dew, lily, off, shake

(mountain) dew

1. n. Scotch whiskey. The real mountain dew is smoky-tasting and amber.
2. n. illicit liquor; any liquor. Mountain dew is what I want. As long as it’s not store bought.
See also: dew, mountain


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